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Holiday Photography in 300+ cities worldwide.

Starting from USD 300.

How It Works

SweetEscape makes turning memories of your vacation into beautiful pictures so much easier!


Choose your destination and book your photo session


Our local photographer will capture your holiday moments


In 3 business days, you can choose & download your edited photos

Let Us Capture Your Memories

What They Say About Us

Dear Sweet Escape team, and especially Donny, our photographer! We cannot thank you enough for this amazing experience! When we arrived to Bali, we were full of anticipation and looking forward to our photo session. Being a full time photographer myself , I never could find enough time to organize a photo session for my family. We have a lot of photos in our family archives, but non of them were taken by professional photographer or in most occasions I was behind the camera and not on the pictures. The photos Donny took will be treasured a lifetime! We loved how he works with the natural light and how fun and easy going person he is. We felt so natural and "ourselves" in from of his camera!There is so much love and light in every picture, it is hard to choose the best ones to print, I think we will print them all! Thank you a million for this wonderful idea of holiday photography. We will absolutely do it again and again! Lots of love from Roussos family ;)

Anna Rousos


Awesome shots all thanks to SweetEscape. This was a real sunset at a real beach. Seriously, this was better than any of our pre-wedding or even wedding photoshoots and we couldn't be happier with the results, which speaks a lot if you know our history with photoshoots in general.

Jeniffer Kim

United States

Amazing Experience to have a post wedding pictures taken for our 17th Anniversary and we definitely will be back to Paris with our four teenage kids to have a family portrait together. That will be more fun.

Diana Ramlie


I love that all SweetEscape’s photographers are local, they are very familiar with the good locations to take pictures at. Mizuki (the photographer) and I have just met but he was so friendly that we vibed almost instantly, He would stopped me whenever there was a good lighting, interesting backdrop, or a nice angle. It was a great experience and the photos result are amazing.

Elizabeth Rahajeng


Naoko was very sweet and patient, we had fun strolling around the neighbourhood, sat on a cafe and browse around local shops during the shoot. Looking forward to more sessions in the near future!

Chia Ling Tjong


I loved working with SweetEscape on my trip to NYC - the photographer (Haris) was so sweet and funny, and we managed to get the shots I wanted on the first try nearly every time! If I'd stayed in New York longer I'd definitely have engaged him again. If any of you are headed to New York and want to try out this fantastic photography service - say hi to Haris for me! :)

Jemimah Wei

United States

I was so thrilled to know that our memories can be treasured in the best way possible. Thank you to SweetEscape, we do not have to carry our cameras anymore, I spend less time with my camera on my vacation and concentrate more with the present moments with my friends & family. The photoshoot we had in Perth was so much fun, and the best part is the result!

Gisella Anastasia


Being a blogger, I always have to capture the food I’m eating, the places I went to, and all the experiences I get while traveling. I was always busy holding my camera that I forget about the joy in traveling itself. I am so glad that I’ve found SweetEscape, the photographer was there to take the snaps for me professionally, and the awesome part is, I get to be in the picture. SweetEscape was one of a great experience!

Michelle Hendra


As much as we enjoyed our holiday, we knew something is missing, we don't have good photos of our complete family. Choky is great, but he kept missing out from all of our photos. So having these photos are truly priceless, finally a photo of ALL of us having so much fun. Thank you SweetEscape for making our holiday last longer.

Choky & Chacha Sitohang


It was a pleasant and enjoyable session for us. Even-though it was raining, the photographer (Dodo) was very professional and did not lose the spirit. The experience made us wanting to take more sessions next time! We really love that Dodo is very good at directing the pose. Moreover, we are so satisfied with the service; the client relation (Vivi) was superb! We are so happy by how she handled everything in the most efficient way without forcing us to buy the service. In addition, the website itself was so good in terms of preview-ing and download-ing are all so good. We love your service and couldn't wait to experience more.

Carolyn Valerie Loamayer


Such a memorable experience and we love the pictures very much. You've captured our holiday moments beautifully.

Hanna Carol


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