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The best part of vacation are


Time seems to slow down when you’re on vacation.

You savor every experience, every activity, every connection. On your vacations, you are closer to your family. You laugh. You bond. You share intimate moments. And in this fast-paced world we live in, these moments are rare.

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SweetEscape turns your vacations into beautiful, emotionally candid photos.

SweetEscape offers the best souvenirs to take home at the end of your vacation. It’s like having a personal photographer to capture the most intimate, raw, and unedited memories. SweetEscape will change the way you remember your vacations by giving you a beautiful memory lane to walk down on.

SweetEscape is a holiday photography service founded by David Soong, the same person who revolutionized the wedding photography industry in Indonesia through his company, Axioo Photography. SweetEscape captures moments for vacation goers, connecting them with 300+ photographers from across the globe.

How SweetEscape Began

It was the summer of 2012. David took his family for the first time to Croatia. They had the time of their lives. There were pictures of him, of his wife, and there were many of their son, but there was only one of the three of them together.

Only one, out of the hundreds of pictures they took during the trip. And it was taken by a stranger they met randomly outside a restaurant.

He realized that he might not be the only one who scrolled through the many pictures of his phones and pocket cameras after a vacation, only to find very few pictures of his perfect holiday moments with everybody in it.

That’s when he began to handpick photographers from around the world, jumping over hurdles to get to the right talents with the right skills and style. He launched SweetEscape so that vacation goers can come home with great memories and great pictures.

SweetEscape currently has a growing network of local photographers in 250 cities in 5 continents across the globe and is already available at trending holiday destinations.