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Don't Be Turned Off By These 6 Things On Your First Couple's Trip
12 Jan 2018IDEASBY SweetEscape

First vacation with your boyfriend? Woot! Now that’s an exciting relationship milestone that is worth celebrating.

Like all couples, you must have imagined all the rainbows, unicorns and butterflies that you both will enjoy during the trip. But consider yourself warned, during this trip, you will also uncover many sides of your partner that you never have thought before. Don’t be scared!

From quirky habits to getting too comfortable, here’s 6 things you can expect during your first vacation together, and how to handle it too!

1. Frustration from over-expectations

Are you a shopaholic while your man is a culture buff? Or, he loves trailing the malls while you prefer the outdoor? Sometimes opposite attract is exciting, but too much of different expectations can lead to frustration.

Solution: Choose a destination where you can mutually enjoy different spectrum of activities. You should both be happy and each of you should be looking forward to a highlight, so compromise on the activity you might not prefer and show enthusiasm to support your partner.

2. Unmanaged Misunderstandings

From planning to actually traveling, there will be many things that you both need to discuss. Chances are there will be misunderstandings that make for uncomfortable moments ( or even a fight, gasp!)

Solution: Understand that this should be one of the happiest moments of your relationship. This way, you will both agree to set aside simple misunderstandings and use the best cool-headed approach each time you come across misunderstanding. It also helps if each person plans based on skills, for example : if you’re great on taking care of the budget, then perhaps he’s better at planning the itinerary, etc.

3. Budgetting Feuds

He wants a five star hotel, but you’d rather splurge on something else. Budget dispute is a pretty common problem, even in your daily course of relationship and could be even more so during holiday.

Solution: Discuss this topic early and find the best way to manage your holiday funds. Whether it is personal spending or expenses for both, it is highly important to be clear and precise so that you can truly enjoy your holiday together peacefully.

4. Feeling Too Overwhelmed

Okay, a whole weekend of your boyfriend only - that can get a bit overwhelming. What if you get tired of him or vice versa?

Solution: A quality “me-time’ doesn’t have to be a bad idea even if it’s just your first trip together. You can plan a different short activity apart, or even engage another couple friends who happen to live in your destination city. We’re sure, you’ll be even more lovey dovey when you’re both all alone again.

5. Fascinating/ Annoying Habits

Messy boyfriend? Slow girlfriend? Get ready to see all sides of your partner now that you will spend 24 hour together.

Solution: Well, there’s a saying, “ if you truly love a person, accept them as they are” - but if there is something that really bothers you, find a way to talk about it rather than keep it bottled up. Get ready to receive some criticisms too, but hey, as long as they are constructive, we’re sure that's the key to a long lasting relationship.

6. Unpreserved Memories

Worry you won’t have a proper couple picture? Nobody wants to end up with a solo picture on their first couple trip for sure.

Solution: Hire a personal holiday photographer, of course. SweetEscape is a great way to eternalize this sweet and precious memory. No more standard or boring couple poses with blurry backgrounds or awkward wefies, trust that your first ever vacation memories are good in the hands of our photographers! Interested in a SweetEscape session? Get $50 OFF on your first session. Sign up and book a session today.

by Masayuki for SweetEscape in Furano

by Bramantya for SweetEscape in Tokyo


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10 Most Inspiring Indonesian Women According To SweetEscape
20 Apr 2018STORIESBY SweetEscape

At SweetEscape, we're all about honoring strong and beautiful women! Just like their predecessor Kartini, who fought for education for girls and women's rights for Indonesians, these 10 Indonesian women carry the torch that Kartini burned hundreds of years ago by thriving in their respective field: from arts and entertainment to fashion and beauty to technology via sports and philantrophy... sometimes even all of those at the same time! Suffice to say, these remarkable and extraordinary woman cover all the range and then some. Read below to find out why they inspire us here at SweetEscape, and why they will inspire you too.

Agnes Monica


This versatile entertainer became only the second Indonesian solo female singer to break into the international market with the release of her international debut, X , in 2017, which led her to not only being interviewed by the US edition of Vogue but also featured in one of the fashion bible's spreads. Aside from racking up numerous awards in Indonesia and other Asian countries, she has also established successful digital business ventures in the realms of fashion, beauty and entertainment, co-founding the popular fashion aggregator app LYKE.

Alamanda Shantika


After co-founding the biggest and most renowned startup in Indonesia, what do you do next? For Alamanda Shantika, the co-founder and former Vice President of Go-Jek, it's all about giving back: following her departure from the startup, she founded BINAR Academy in Yogyakarta, one of the few engineering academies in Indonesia. In addition, she also took part in initiating Gerakan 1000 Startup (1000 Startups Movement) and FemaleDev, to encourage Indonesians, especially Indonesian women, to establish startups.

Elizabeth Rahajeng


To quote a recent hit, if you look at Elizabeth Rahajeng, you will most probably think she's young and beautiful. At the same time, she's also smart and stylish! This rising fashionista started it all the way most millennials do: blogging. Together with twin sister Maria, she founded and developed a fashion blog that quickly gained a sizeable following, which eventually led her to a reporting stint the 2014 New York Fashion Week and a coveted hosting gig on E! News Asia with Maria.

Faye Simanjuntak


What did you do when you were 15 years old? If you are Faye Simanjuntak, you take matters into your own hand and establish Rumah Faye (Faye's House), a non-governmental organization aimed at combating rampant child trafficking. Although initially understimated due to her young age and the complex issue that she chose to tackle, Rumah Faye has instead flourished and become one of the very few NGOs in Indonesia with complete programmes that offer real solutions in preventing child prostitution. Not too shabby for a teenager, eh?

Greysia Polii


Badminton has always been a source of pride among Indonesians for the constant achievements made by its movers and shakers. The latest addition to Indonesian badminton's prestigious ranks of internationally-renowned athletes is Greysia Polii. Paired with fellow player Nitya Krishinda Maheswari, she has won the gold medal at Asian Games 2014 and the Superseries title at Korea Open the following year. All we can say is, look out for Greysia's next moves!

Olivia Lazuardy

by Wei for SweetEscape in Melbourne

Olivia Lazuardy is not just another fashion blogger rising to fame thanks to her impeccable style and writing skills. Although starting out as a blogger, she sinked her teeth full on into fashion and honed in on her entrepreneurial skills, which eventually led her to opening her own clothing line and e-commerce, Calla Atelier, last year. But she doesn't stop there: Olivia has also modelled for high-profile brands, including Dorothy Perkins and Aigner. A fashion icon and mogul in the making? Definitely one to watch out for.

Lizzie Parra


This diminutive Jakartan started out as an executive at a leading fashion brand before quitting her job to pursue her big dream: establishing her own brand. After making strides as a celebrity make-up artist, Lizzie eventually opened Beauty Space by Lizzie Parra, which started out as an online shop, at a mall earlier this year. A living proof that no dream is too big, even if you're a small girl - that's Lizzie Parra for you!

Maria Rahajeng


While twin sister Elizabeth focuses mainly on modelling and hosting, Maria has broken out as a pageant star: she was crowned Miss Indonesia in 2014 and subsequently represented the country at Miss World in the same year. When Elizabeth was approached by E! News Asia, so was Maria, as it was deemed to be a novel idea to have twin sisters as hosts. Lo and behold, the sisters became not only the first twin to host an E! program, but also the first Indonesians!

Meira Anastasia


Talk about a badass mama! Not keen on being known simply as the wife of actor and comedian Ernest Prakasa, Meira Anastasia has forged her own path as an advocate and motivator for home workouts - especially for mothers who might not be able to go out and hit the gym - and self-love. She is also a noted scriptwriter, frequently collaborating with her husband for his films. It goes without saying that Meira is a shining example of a woman who's able to maintain her sense of self even as a wife and mother - precisely why we love her!

Jennifer Bachdim

by Aldo for SweetEscape in Bali

From one badass mama to another, Jennifer Bachdim also refuses to be famous just for being married to a famous person. A fitness aficionado, she is known for her fit psychique, leading to her being named as one of the Hottest Asian Wives & Girlfriends of Sports Stars (WAGS) by FOX Sports Asia. Although this might seem to be a given since husband Irfan is a popular footballer, Jennifer is also a blogger and vlogger, notable for covering a wide range of topics, from fashion, beauty, lifestyle to, of course, fitness, through the lens of a wife, a mother and most importantly, a woman.

It goes without saying that over 100 years after her untimely death, Kartini's spirit of breaking boundaries, owning one's sense of self and, above all, being proud and thriving as a woman has resonated with the generations that came after her - especially with these 10 fabulous women! Each and every one of them is redefining what it means to be an Indonesian woman in the modern times, and they are doing so openly, publicly, unapologetically and most importantly, in style. And may this spirit resonate with the rest of us too!

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