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What To Do And Not To Do in Tokyo According To Armand Maulana
17 Apr 2018EXPERIENCEBY SweetEscape

For all the fun it promises, travelling can be as much stressful, especially when you have your family with you. Making sure everything and everyone is ready to go, sorting out the schedules and trying to navigate your way around a foreign place may be a trip in itself. We caught up with rockstar Armand Maulana, fresh off his family vacation in Tokyo, and asked him for some tips on what to do (and what not to do) when travelling with a family. Here are three tips he shared with us:

Research The Touristy Spots

"Google where you want to go first! For instance, my family and I went to places like Tsukiji Market, Shinjuku Gyoen, Harajuku, Disneyland and Ginza and had the time of our lives."

Use Public Transportations

"If you happen to land in the Narita Airport, take the train or the airport bus to get to Tokyo - it's cheaper! I also suggest buying the Japan Rail Pass to save up even more when you're travelling around the country."

Keep Warm

"Always have your jacket or sweater ready! The weather change in Japan can be pretty drastic, even if the news says it's warm."

by Kuppo for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Kuppo for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Kuppo for SweetEscape in Tokyo

What Armand Said About SweetEscape

"My family and I had the most fun with SweetEscape! The photographer was very cooperative and the final photos turned out to be exactly as we had in mind."

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