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City Highlights: Queenstown
21 Jun 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

There’s no shortage of astonishing natural wonder with Queenstown. With the combination of the majestic mountains of the Remarkables and the crystal clear Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown promises an endless choice of adventures to explore. The terrain of Queenstown also is comprised of glaciers and river while each season brings out their own specialties to suit the many preference of adventurers.

SweetEscape in Queenstown

The grand natural beauty of this place also exudes its own relaxing energy, making it one of the most favorite choices for self discoveries and complete relaxations. Many also find respite and romance in the soothing nature of Queenstown.

The contrasting ideas of Queenstown doesn’t stop there. This small town also has another side to it that is vibrant and elegant like any world’s metropolitan would. When one has had their fill of Queenstown nature, they can easily hop to the fine restaurants, galleries, modern vineyards or stay at one of the many international resorts.

by Dan for SweetEscape in Queenstown

Simply said, there’s always something for everyone in Queenstown. One minute you may be enjoying the endless range of adrenaline pumping activities that take place in the amazing natural attractions of Queenstown. Next thing you know, you’ll be slowing down by the tranquil lakeside rhythm of Queenstown with New Zealand’s most beautiful views.

Regardless of the time of the year, Queenstown will never disappoint. Spend some time with your loved ones for a total indulgence in this paradise. Pack yourself with high energy and of course, a travel essential that is SweetEscape traveling photography to make your holiday an extra memorable one.

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