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Exceptional Destinations to Visit This Year on Your Birth Month
17 Jan 2020EXPLOREBY Yua

SweetEscape is an online on-demand photography platform. Out of the 365 days we have in a calendar year, the most special holiday in your life only occurs once. So better make the most out of it! Have a quick recall of your past birthdays and we bet you have been spending it in your homegrown country. This year, we’re claiming it to be different from your past celebrations. Skip the enormous parties, try something out of the ordinary, and have a trip of a lifetime.

Don’t miss the chance of spending the most ecstatic 24 hours of your life on a whole new level. Check these exceptional destinations that you should visit according to your birth month.

January - Hong Kong

by Jeffrey for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

New Year’s may be over, but your birthday is definitely not! Continue the happy moments, parties, and meet new people on the streets of Hong Kong.

February - Positano, Italy

by Andrea for SweetEscape in Positano

Birthday = Anniversary. Relate much? Celebrate two events in one by drinking a toast at the picturesque scenes of Positano Italy. Truly a day to remember!

March - Nami Island, South Korea

by Dongjin for SweetEscape in Nami Island
by Bryando for SweetEscape in Nami Island

Unleash your inner K-pop self and recreate your favorite K-drama in the heart of South Korea, Nami Island. On your day, let your K-dreams finally come to life.

April - Bohol, Philippines

by Micah for SweetEscape in Bohol

The best birthday party is the one with your girlfriends.. in bikinis! Spend it basking in the radiating heat of the sun, a martini on hand with the seascape of Bohol island in the Philippines. Living life, indeed!

May - Orlando, Florida

by Elle for SweetEscape in Orlando
by Elle for SweetEscape in Orlando

Your inner child will be extremely ecstatic at the various action-packed theme parks in Orlando. Take your pick: Universal Studios, SeaWorld, LegoLand or Disney? Or better yet, try them all!

June - Santorini, Greece

by Nikos for SweetEscape in Santorini

The historic and panoramic view of Santorini Greece is the ideal destination to unwind. Check out the unique white cubic homes and blue-domed churches that will surely stimulate your pique.

July - Barcelona, Spain

by Lena for SweetEscape in Barcelona
by Sara for SweetEscape in Barcelona

Spend time with your family at the historic churches of Barcelona, Spain. Of course, top it off with a mouth-watering food trip filled with pinchos, wine, and tapas. Delicioso!

August - Kruger Park, South Africa

by Marcel for SweetEscape in Cape Town
by Helena for SweetEscape in Cape Town

Go on an ultimate adventure and behold the exotic spots of Kruger Park in Africa. Spend a night or two on a massive tent and experience distinct animals out in the wild.

September - Perth, Australia

by Michelle for SweetEscape in Perth

Sometimes, all you want is a simple and quiet birthday with your loved ones. Add flavor to your celebration by appreciating the aroma of wineries and indulge yourselves with exquisite cheese at the beauty of Margaret River. Booze + sceneries? Amazing, mate!

October - Munich, Germany

by Sophia for SweetEscape in Munich
by Sophia for SweetEscape in Munich

Take part and have a smashing birthday at Munich’s Oktoberfest. Put on traditional Bavarian clothing and chug all the flavorful craft beer at the joyous festival. Cheers to your special day!

November - Bagan, Myanmar

by Arkar for SweetEscape in Bagan

Swoon over your wife on her birthday and make it a little extra. Visit Myanmar and have the most intimate moment on a rooftop, with the sunrise, and the majestic hot air balloons as your backdrop. Of course, seal it with a kiss!

December - Quebec City, Canada

by Marc for SweetEscape in Quebec City
by Cathy for SweetEscape in Quebec City

A change of scenery for your special day? Have a white Christmas and birthday celebration, yes? Why not! Escape the heat and feel like a kid again on the snowy mountains of Quebec in Canada.

A once in a lifetime experience for your birthday should definitely be captured! Fret not and let SweetEscape do the work for you. We connect you to thousands of local professional photographers in more than 500 cities around the world to capture your moments anytime, any where. Book your session now and let's #MakeLifeMemorable!