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Nature-Themed Trip to Bogor: Where to Stay, Picturesque Attraction, and Dinner with A View
08 Oct 2020EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

We know how draining your everyday routine could be, so taking a short trip to nature might be a good decision for you to freshen up and rejuvenate your mind. To experience the very best of Mother Nature, who’s to say you need to travel far? You can find many hidden nature beauties in places that are close to the city center. Take a look of our top picks for your next nature-themed trip to Bogor:

Amanuba Hotel & Resort

Location: Rancamaya, South Bogor

If becoming one with nature is your kind of vacation, Amanuba Hotel & Resort might just be the perfect place for you. Located in a quiet location within 30 minutes drive from Bogor Botanical Garden, this resort is surrounded with stunning views over the park, rice fields and breathtaking mountain vistas. Truly a haven for nature lovers out there, don’t you agree?

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Curug Leuwi Hajo

Location: Cibadak, Sukamakmur

Aside from being known as the City of Rain, Bogor is also famous for having many exotic waterfalls (curug). There are many curugs in Bogor, but Curug Leuwi Hajo is quite a hidden gem and it’s located around 10 km from the city center. Make sure to bring your camera because the view is just too beautiful to resist! Picture this in your mind; a stunning view of green-blue water, towering canyons and Instagenic boulder-studded river. The trekking isn’t too difficult so no worries if you’re not a fan of long walks and the best thing is, you also get to see the beautiful views along the way.

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Kopi Daong

Location: Pancawati

Kopi Daong is a place with incredible ambience surrounded by mist and towering pine trees. It’s the best place to have a little weekend getaway for a whole day with your loved ones where you could forget the world for a little while and have a quality conversation under the beautiful lights. What makes it even better, Kopi Daong offers delicious food, drink and snacks all at pocket-friendly prices.

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