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10 Reasons To Love Yourself
14 Feb 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

If you are the type of person who knows how to make the best of everything, then you must have a thousand reasons to be happy and to be completely in love with your life!

That’s the dream. We all want to be there. We want to be unexplainably, indescribably, overwhelmingly in love with our lives. Maybe all we need is a change of perspective or a shift in mindset. Let us share with you 11 thoughts that will convince you that your life is already great, and that you have every reason to be completely in love with it!

by Aldo for SweetEscape in Bali

1. You are healthy.

If you are ever in doubt or question what makes you happy, the #1 on our list is your biggest wealth and that is your health. It really doesn’t take much to be happy. As long as you’re healthy, you’ve earned that right to be happy!

2. You have food and shelter.

A roof above our heads and food on our table is too simple that it often gets overlooked. But in all honesty, when we’re well-fed, well-dress and even can afford that cup of fancy coffee, we can afford to smile because those are reasons enough to be happy today.

3. You have a place to call home.

Home is not a place, but a feeling. It could be in the arms of your parents, the smiles of your loved ones’ faces, that old joke your siblings love to tell, your schoolmates, your workplace, or your pet who thinks the world of you. Count your homes right now and feel your heart do the happy dance!

4. You still have hope.

Nothing is ever permanent. The only constant thing in life is change. If you’re feeling down, know that this too shall pass and you can rest in knowing that happiness is just around the corner. Have hope and be patient.

5. You see love in the people you meet.

We’re never really alone in life when we choose to let people in. Look around you. Can you see them? The people who have smiles on their faces, ready to share your adventures with you?

7. You have a memory bank that makes you smile.

Memories make up 50% of the things that get us going on the daily. The other 50% consist of making new memories! Why do you think we love preserving memories and capturing moments? Because that’s happiness in a frame!

8. You sense everything around you.

Sometimes the reason to be happy is right there in front of you, the pure blue sky speckled with white clouds, the smell of the warm cappuccino on a rainy day, that extra flavorful meal your mom cooks, the tune from your favorite singer ( ours is Ed Sheeran!)  or feeling the weight of your favorite blankie when you’re snuggling on your bed. Yes, absorb every moment, revel in it, and appreciate it because life is good!

9. You are okay with uncertainties.

Well, you don’t love ‘em. But it doesn’t bring you down. In fact, you can think of the future a surprise event! Life’s mysteries are really not ours to predict, but rather to enjoy. So don’t get too anxious of what is yet to come, but rather be excited and ready, be prepared and make the best of each passing moment.

10. You have love.

To have the ability to love and to be loved in return is definitely a reason to be happy.

by Musa for SweetEscape in Seoul

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