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10 Signs You And Him Are Meant To Be
20 Feb 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

We absolutely loved this insight from Bridestory and thought that you would love it too.

It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate true love with momentary passion and lust. We often get confused between the two and mistake one for the other. So, to help you be able to know whether the person you are with is the right one for you or not – we have narrowed it down into 10 very important signs that shows when you both are meant to be together.

1. There is chemistry

We can fake a lot of things, but chemistry is not one of them. In any romantic relationship – this ingredient is a must and one that is either there or isn't. You're definitely in the right track when you feel such a strong chemistry.

2. There is friendship

When all the passion, lust and honeymoon period is over, friendship is what will keep the relationship going. Imagine yourself not being in a romantic relationship with your partner, would you still want them in your life? If the answer is yes, then you have found yourself a built-in best friend.

by Allen for SweetEscape in Seoul

3. You share the same morals and values

Not everyone will share the same morals and values as you do, but when you've found a partner who does, it will be far less difficult to overcome other differences you may have.

4. You give the best of yourselves

Being our best selves at the beginning of the relationship can be super easy, but if after years have passed and you both are still willing to be the best for each other, then you have found someone truly worthy of your love.

5. You both become better people because of each other

When you see yourself becoming a better person with the love that your partner gives you, which is a big sign that he is the right one for you. It is one of the biggest gifts that true love can bring us.

6. His happiness is your happiness

When you truly love someone, all that you want is to see your partner being happy. When this becomes a two-way street, you both have found a real and genuine love that does not come around very often.

by Niseko for SweetEscape in Niseko

7. You enjoy each other's company regardless

When simply being in the presence of your partner brings you joy and happiness, which says a lot about how much you really love being together. And you are going to need this if forever is what you both are striving for.

8. You are completely yourself with that person and vice versa

There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to be yourself, flaws and all – no filter needed, in the presence of the one you love. When you feel absolutely free to express your thoughts and feelings to your partner just as they are and they love you even more for it, then you have found yourself a keeper!

9. Even though it's work, its work you're happy to do

Let's face it, relationships are not easy and require a lot of effort. But, when you both are willing to put in the work in the good and especially in the bad, that is something that definitely screams love.

10. Even though they are not perfect, they are still perfect for you

When both of your flaws become perfect imperfections to one another, which are love in its truest form.

by Dan for SweetEscape in Queenstown

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