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11 Simple Ways to Say "I Love You" To Your Partner Every Day
27 Feb 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Saying “I love you” requires a little bit of effort. Perhaps it’s because of the way we were brought up where it’s not that common to express our affection through words daily. Or it could be something else. Either way, here’s the good news: action speaks louder than words! If you’re looking for a way you can say “I love you” without actually saying it, here are 11 ideas:

1. Say it with a kiss

Do you know that men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don’t? This scientifically proven study by German physicians and psychologists revealed that all it takes is a simple peck on the lips or the cheek daily to show your love. Now this everyday kiss may not be as dramatic as your first kiss, but if it can improve your partner’s longevity at no cost at all, then yes please!

2. Get into his belly

Don’t aim for the heart, but slightly lower - the tummy. They say that a surefire way to win someone’s heart is through the appetite, so pack his lunch daily or cook his simple favorite meal whenever you can. As for the guys, don’t just stop at asking if your girlfriends or wives have eaten, surprise them by sending over some snacks, desserts or even full meal their way. With so many online delivery service available, we dare you to do it now.


3. Say "Good morning" and "Good night"

A daily dose of greeting is a form of encouragement to your partner. It shows that your relationship matters to you, so begin everyday by wishing a good morning, a ‘ have a good day” in between, and go to bed knowing you’ll have a good night.

4. Smile, and smile some more.

It doesn’t take much to let someone know how much you appreciate their presence. Whenever you’re talking or doing some routines, reassure them of how much you enjoy spending time together by this simple gesture - smile.

5. Tell a joke

Sometimes in our everyday lives, we tend to forget about how a silly joke changes our whole mood. If a joke ever comes your way, pass it over to your loved one as a way to say “ I think about you”.


6. Listen

Sometimes all we need is someone who listens, period. Nothing shows your attention by giving your partner the space and time to express themselves. Ask them to tell you how they feel and engage with their stories to show your support.

7. Offer a massage

You may be a lousy masseuse but nothing says L.O.V.E like a little shoulder rub or foot massage. Imagine if you show up tired after work and your partner offers you a massage, wouldn’t that just pick your mood up?

8. Ask for their opinion

It could be as simple as “ you can decide tonight’s meal” to something big like “ what do you think about me quitting my job”. Asking for your partner's opinion shows how much you value his or her input.

9. Call or text, for no reason

Actually, not for “ no reason” , the reason is because you love the person and just want to drop in anytime of the day in the middle of nowhere just to check up on them.

10. Prepare the everyday stuff

Arrange his eating utensils or prepare his nightwear out on the bed - these simple gestures will put miles in your relationship. Guys, you too can take initiatives and help out in the kitchen, cook a meal of wash the dish after, we definitely love it!

11. Take a picture

Freeze today in a frame. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Everyday is a special one when you’re around your loved ones. So take a picture, on your cellphone or better, professionally taken to remember today and celebrate love.


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