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5 Extra Worthy Cafes to Visit for the Best Memory in Melbourne
14 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

This Aussie city has a coffee culture along with the best places to brunch, indulge, relax, and connect - with a cuppa coffee of your choice of course. Melbourne’s cafes are so good that it’s safe to say that each one delivers the best in everything: food, drink, ambiance, decor, music and more.

With some many cafes in the whole of Melbourne, it gets hard to pick just 5 for your cafe-hopping enjoyment. But these names have come fully tried and tested ala SweetEscape and you’ll learn just why they made the list, especially when you’re down under with your best traveling photography service.

1. De Clieu, A quirky little gem in the midst of Fitzroy

You can expect a consistency of good coffee when you pop in De Clieu, that and along with great service and equally impressive food selection.

The cafe is a piece of gem placed right in the corner decked in an all-black interior. Step inside and you’ll be greeted with a chill and unpretentious vibe which makes it all the more quirky and laid back at the same time.

Park yourself in one of its high bar stools or near the window benches to admire this minimalistic cafe inside an Art Deco era building. The combination of extra lighting and classic inner suburbia Melbourne will definitely worth your while.

2. Dukes Coffee Roasters, inviting simplicity at its finest

Normally packed from early morning till late in the afternoon, it’s easy to see why tourists and locals alike flock this beautiful cafe at Ross House. Most praised for its amazing coffee and perfect food combination, Dukes plays on the ambiance of soothingly refreshing architecture that is fully decked in recycled timber.

It’s not surprising to lose yourself inside this little charming place, all thanks to the variations of handcrafted settings. It is the cafe’s philosophy to evoke to beauty and honesty of craftsmanship inhabited within the space. As a result, a photographic keepsake is definitely a must when you’re in this little coffee heaven.

3. Assembly Coffee, intricate art of coffee and architecture

Step inside the relaxed ambiance of Assembly Coffee, which is essentially is a coffee store first and a cafe second. Dominated with its display of huge coffee machines, it is inspired by Japanese design with an excellent combination of black metal and natural timber.

Located at Carlton, Assembly is a sleek, clean and minimalistic looking cafe that almost resembles a clinical gallery. Decked mostly in white, the sophistication of this place is what makes it the best place to snap a few pictures for keepsake. The little set up in front of the cafe is also another unmissable feature for that artistic-feel photoshoot.

4. La Belle Miette, a slice of Parisian patisserie in Melbourne

With an authentic history behind the brand, La Belle Miette is an absolutely splendid French patisserie selling macaroons as its specialty. Located in the Collins street, it is one of the most authentic looking French-themed patisserie in Melbourne mirroring those charming ones in Paris.

Translated to “beautiful small thing”, this irresistible cafe serves flavourful macaroons along with high quality tea for that extra luxurious feel when cafe-hopping in Melbourne. Especially when you’re in the hunt for the perfect photography set-up, this place is the perfect 10.

5. Koko Black, for the sweet tooth in you

The list wouldn’t be complete without a cafe that specially caters to those craving something sweet during the day. Koko Black in Carlton is the expert in house-made confectionery, desserts, chocolates and many more.

Set in the existing old shop front of Lygon Street, this cafe reserves that dramatic yet modern interior with wooden panels, columns and high ceilings. Decked in luxurious dark timber, the window displays are simply breathtaking with that rows of perfectly crafted little sweets and chocolates.

With the list from SweetEscape version, we’re certain that you’re more than ready to jump around Melbourne cafe scenes in style. Just make sure to bring us along with you for that totally fabulous espresso time.

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