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5 Ideas For Couples Getaway
28 Feb 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Think your mundane daily activity is dulling your relationship sparks? Need a boost to spice up your romance? If your answer is an affirmative yes, then wait no more and plan your couple getaway right away!

Leaving behind your routines ( or even children) temporarily is a great way to refresh your romance in the long term. Think of it as a way to invest in your relationship and we promise it will be more than just worth it. To begin your journey of a lifetime, here are 5 ideas to try to make your romantic getaway that much sweeter :

by Ippei for SweetEscape in Tokyo

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Now that it’s your special getaway together, try avoiding the same destination that you visit many times before as a couple or as a family. The idea is to challenge yourselves as a couple and embark on a new mission together. It could be as easy as going island hopping to Sumba or brave the miles all over to Europe or other foreign exotic places. Whatever your pick is, just make sure it’s going to excite the both of you of all the new prospects.

2. Put romance first

Each couple have different ideas of romance. It could be spending more on honeymoon suite, going camping under the stars, taking yoga or pottery class together or trekking the jungle green. So plan your trip well from the romantic perspectives and think of activities that allow for a lot of couple time. For the ladies, time to limit your shopping obsession and focus on special romantic holiday activities.

3. Rest & relax

Holiday is meant to be a welcomed break in life. This getaway, design your trip to be all about relaxing at its finest. Even if you are adventure buff, try to arrange a day where you can laze all day in the bed, enjoy a bubble bath, order the in-room service or spa, and pop the champagne to celebrate your togetherness. This downtime may just be the highlight of your entire getaway!

4. Take on a culinary adventure

Since no trip is ever complete without trying out the specialty dishes, it’s time to unleash your appetite together. Do your research and list out a few must-eat places so you can enjoy the best time of your getaway. When you're adventuring, don’t forget to add at least one super romantic restaurant during your trip too.

5. Capture the moment

Memories fade but pictures in frame last forever - and that’s the motto that we at SweetEscape live by! We believe that the value of photography exceeds beyond the trip itself, making each picture even more valuable as time passes. Your getaway deserves every remembrance, a little something that reminds you of that time together where there is just the two of you - no routine, no kids, no worries, just love.

by Carolina E for SweetEscape in Paris

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