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5 Impossible Resolutions That No Moms Should Ever Make
08 Jan 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

A brand new year is upon us. Usually, in these first few days of the year, people are filling their minds with the things they want to do and declaring resolutions to everyone they meet. Work harder, eat healthier, exercise more, whine less… people are feeling pumped up and determined to become a better versions of themselves. But what about moms, the women who are usually thinking about other people other than themselves? What are the things we should do to become better mothers?

Wait, that list can go on forever. Let's forget about that.

This year, how about we start with the things that are actually attainable - like things that won’t sting us with mom-guilt if we fail to stick to it? How about vowing to not make these resolutions this year?

by Florentino for SweetEscape in Osaka
by Camilla for SweetEscape in Gold Coast

Impossible Resolution #1: Stop yelling

Wouldn’t be easier to keep our cool if our children were angelic beings all the time? Ok, look, even if this sounds like we’re over-justifying ourselves here, just as impossible it is to expect our children to be on their best behaviors all the time, is it really fair to expect parents to do the same? Yelling happens. Forgive yourself.

Impossible Resolution #2: Always be the person you want your children to be

It’s impossible for someone to be a constant pillar of society, isn’t it? Moms are humans too. They have bad days. They lose their tempers. They can experience a couple episodes of complete lunacy on their parts. They cannot model good behavior 24/7. And that should be okay.

Impossible Resolution #3: Be present and engaged whenever your children asks

As much as you want to fulfill every request to play a game or to read the same book for the hundredth time that night, there are times when you just can’t handle it anymore. You can entertain your child for a few minutes, but there is no denying the limit to your engagement. When you’re done, you’re done. And you should be able to tell your child that.

Impossible Resolution #4: Always keep house neat and tidy

Seriously, if the house could clean itself up or if the toys would go back to the shelves on their own, this resolution should be on every mom’s list. But sadly, they don’t. Cut yourself some slack because everything doesn’t have to be perfect every time. So what if beds aren’t made once in a while? We’ve never heard of people dying of an unmade bed, right?

Impossible Resolution #5: Never give your children fast food

While it’s every mother’s dream to feed their children only nutrition-filled and healthy food, you’ll find that time (or, in all honesty, willpower) isn’t on your side and a quick trip to the drive-thru is all you can handle.

You can make attainable resolutions, such as being more diligent in documenting your moments with your children, because memories will last way after this year ends. Happy new year, Moms! Wishing you abundance and peace in 2018!