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5 New Years’ Resolutions Every Singles Should Make That Doesn’t Involve Saying #ByeSingleLife
08 Jan 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

“It’s the new year and you’re still single?”

Girl, if your friend ever says that to you, you need to walk away and find new ones! Because we know, and you know, that being single isn’t about pickiness or unworthiness or selfishness, it’s really about time. So you haven’t met the one? So what? Maybe you just haven’t crossed path yet. And that’s okay!

by Dimitris for SweetEscape in Santorini

Although we hope that you will soon meet the one who will give you all of his heart, there’s really no use to waste a moment feeling sorry for yourself as you wait for him to show up at your doorstep.

Here are 5 things you should be doing instead, in the meantime:

1. Build healthy relationships.

We are social beings whose existence are defined by the relationship we have with other people. We thrive in communities and we are greatly affected by relationships, so much that the right ones will lead us in the right way. As you wait, take a look around. Are you happy with the relationship you have in your life today? Do you think that you would be happy if “the one” emerged from the friendships you currently have?

2. Enhance yourself.

We attract and are attracted by people who share our life values and who do things the way we do. Take a good look at yourself. If you met someone who is just like you, would you be interested? Focus on being great so that you will attract someone just as great.

3. Don’t let yourself go.

Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want and take yourself for granted. Continue to take good care of yourself. Eat consciously. Work out. Find happiness in the little things life has to offer. Go solo traveling (like her!) or on a getaway with friends (like this group!). Discover new cultures, visit new places, taste your next favorite food! Pick up new habits. Live in the moment, be conscious of your being, and define yourself in ways that make you proud. Whatever you do, take care of yourself, because being single doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be happy!

by Tommy for SweetEscape in Sydney

4. Be present for other people.

One thing you should always remember that love is not measure by your relationship status. You can be single and feel loved without being in a committed relationship. Don’t shut yourself from other people. Instead, go be there for them! Be present. Be more involved. Don’t take them for granted. Be an amazing friend and a more amazing daughter/sister/cousin. Show your love everyday to everyone you love and love you back.

5. Stop questioning yourself.

Being single can make you wonder if you’re good enough and if you’re worthy to be loved for someone else. your worth is never defined by your status. Single or taken, you are still loved and wanted. You can still be single and loved and wanted, all at the same time. A committed relationship does not define your worth.

by Eriko for SweetEscape in Kyoto

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