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5 Places For Coffee, Croissant and Cuddles in Paris
14 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

If there is a place for perfect honeymoon destinations, Paris is undoubtedly one of the most promising ones. This city of love has no shortage of romantic sights and alluring places to make one fall head over heel for it. Correct us if we’re wrong, but even the French language sounds extra smooth!

To get the most of your romantic vacation in Paris, make sure to spend some time ala most Parisians would, which involves great coffee, scrumptious croissants and most importantly, cuddles with your loved one. Here are our 6 best picks to have the best 3 things in life when in Paris.

1. Le Nemours

Perfectly wedged between Le Louvre and the Garden of Palais Royale, Le Nemours is an instant favorite taking less than 5 minutes to reach from both places. The ever gorgeous cafe is usually packed from inside out, all thanks to its fast service and great menu.

Don’t let that stop you from ordering a cup of cappuccino or latte with a side of croissants & pain chocolat, because the spacious cafe still allows plenty of room for two for a warm cuddle after enjoying the beauty that the place has to offer.

2. Café Saint-Regis

With white ceramic tiles and retro vintage vibe, Le Saint Regis is a delicious Parisian hang-out hotspots for tourists and local regulars. This hip cafe opens for breakfast and lasts till 9 pm daily to serve all classic and favorite dish of palatable quality.

If you happen to search for a breakfast or brunch menu, get your fill or croissant, omelette, cappuccino or hot chocolate for two to get your day going. Don’t forget to take in the theatrical atmosphere while cozying up to your lover at the same time.

3. Bistrot Vivienne

The places is named after the 19th century Passage Vivienne, which is placed outside this bistrot where the furnished exterior seating awaits. Needless to say, the magnificent view is just the best companion for when you want to have a quiet session with your loved one.

The menu is also quite extensive, serving main course, vegetarian meals to a list of wine. Anything you order is a promise of fine culinary experience, but one of the most recommended one is definitely the Dark Chocolate Mousse. Enjoy it along with the atmospheric ambience ala Vivienne.

4. Le Paris Saint - Germain

This brasserie nestled on the Boulevard Saint-Germain which has a very good exposure to sunshine all day long. The menu is simple; offering salads, sandwiches, omelets, and good coffee. Perfect place to enjoy the company of your loved one whilst taking in the view from the sun-soaked terrace.

5. La Bohême du Tertre

Located in the Place du Tertre in the beautiful Montmartre district, this charming eatery greets its patrons with its outdoor terrace seating or indoor in the plaza. La Bohême is designed for tourists and locals alike with its lively atmosphere, friendly waiters and great menu.

One of the most praised light bites from this famous place is the sweet and savory crepes. Order along with a nice cup of coffee to share and we promise that the postcard view will definitely make your experience that much better.

So, if you're planning to go to Paris with your loved one, don't forget to have your healthy dose of coffee, croissant and cuddles in one of our hand-picked cafés. Just sip the coffee, savour the atmosphere and enjoy your partner's company.

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