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5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of The Month Of Love When You're Single
19 Feb 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Watching other couples get lovey dovey in the month of love with romantic dinners or fancy gifts when you’re single can bring you down. But only if you let it! You can make this month of love still be about the love you deserve, even when you’re not in a relationship. This month can still be about the love for yourself. Check out these ways to make the most of this month of love when you’re single.

1. Treat Yourself

Single ladies, when you have no partner to share your valentine’s day with, it only means there’s more for yourself! This is a great time to splurge on whatever you have been wanting to get. Maybe a simple diamond ring from your hard earned salary? A little bag reward for your hard work? Or maybe some luxurious facial and massage session that will soothe your tire away. Just remember, single or not, love yourself first!

by Carolina E for SweetEscape in Paris

2. Spend time with your parents

We don’t think it is lame at all to spend Valentine’s day with your parents. When is the last time you show them some extra love for being an awesome #couplegoals for you? So make that reservations and get ready to have a great meal together with literally the most important persons in your life.

3. Get some besties’ love.

Your BFF can be that special someone who never fails to make you feel extra loved and happy. So round up your girls and make a plan to go spend time together in the most fun and special way. You can even arrange some “Secret Valentine’s” or a random gift exchange among yourselves. Follow up with a long doll-up session where you can play makeup and dress up for fun. When you’re all ready to go, have the best girls’ night out and we promise, you’re going to with that everyday is Valentine’s with your squad.

by Kim for SweetEscape in Seoul

4. Spread some love

Valentine’s day is not all about receiving love, but also spreading it. How about doing some charity work that will not only make you feel more grateful, but also help others in need? Plan your visit, donation or any kind of social participation you can think of and commit to it. You’ll soon find out that giving love is actually way more satisfying than just receiving.

5. Your own SweetEscape

This Valentine’s day, make the most of it by going on a little getaway to learn more about yourself. Hopping on a plane to a faraway place is a great way to have your own personal time, evaluate your life and figure out what you want out of it. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to get in touch with a local photographer at your destination. With a SweetEscape photographer, you’ll not only feel less stranded but also have your own personal keepsakes of the time when you’re super adventurous, carefree and life-loving.

by Musa for SweetEscape in Seoul

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