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Can Traveling Together Ruin Your Relationship?
01 Feb 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

When we mention the word ‘travel’, cool ideas immediately come to mind. Things like romantic strolls on the beach, warm sunny days with the sea breeze on your faces, and candlelit dinner for two. Basically, your mind drifts to everything that will make your relationship bloom.

But travel can be a stressful experience too, from determining where to go and what to do, budget planning to other uncontrollable circumstances that can affect romantic relationships.

Like all types of stress, including job pressure, financial concerns, and family demands , traveling stress can have a negative influence on romantic relationships. If not handled properly, stress can result in couples being less responsive, communicating less effectively or even being less forgiving of each other’s mistakes. Over time, these unpleasant patterns can erode relationship happiness, exposing it to the risk of an ended relationship.

The good news is that stress can actually be good to your relationship too! When a couple successfully manages stress together, the impact can be immensely great. They become more protective of each other, more understanding and more attuned to one another. They’ll even be more likely to tackle bigger stressors and be more prepared to deal with problems.

So, can traveling ruin a relationship? The answer to the million dollar question is yes and no. But if you ask us if it’s worth it, then our answer is “Yes, absolutely!”. Just remember some of the key factors that can make traveling work in your favor :

1. Manage Your Expectation

Understand that there will be hiccups during your traveling time, be it from external factors, such as bad weather, cancelled flights, uncooperative hotel staff, or from your partner, like bad sleeper or slow riser, perhaps. Don’t expect your travel to be all rainbows but be ready for the rain and the storm too.

2. Set Your Limit

It’s important to be aware of the unpleasantries that you might discover and be ready to ask yourself, “Can I tolerate this?” Whatever the answer is, be sure to follow up with the necessary steps to adjust to the reality of the relationship when you have returned from the trip.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Traveling is a great time to practice on coming together and teamwork. Learn and practice the coping skills to handle each other without it negatively impacting your connection. If you can survive this, it’s likely that he or she is a keeper!

Think you are ready for your next romantic traveling together? SweetEscape wishes you good luck and may your journey be filled with the happiest (and craziest!) memories.

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