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Don't Be Turned Off By These 6 Things On Your First Couple's Trip
11 Jan 2018IDEASBY SweetEscape

First vacation with your boyfriend? Woot! Now that’s an exciting relationship milestone that is worth celebrating.

Like all couples, you must have imagined all the rainbows, unicorns and butterflies that you both will enjoy during the trip. But consider yourself warned, during this trip, you will also uncover many sides of your partner that you never have thought before. Don’t be scared!

From quirky habits to getting too comfortable, here’s 6 things you can expect during your first vacation together, and how to handle it too!

1. Frustration from over-expectations

Are you a shopaholic while your man is a culture buff? Or, he loves trailing the malls while you prefer the outdoor? Sometimes opposite attract is exciting, but too much of different expectations can lead to frustration.

Solution: Choose a destination where you can mutually enjoy different spectrum of activities. You should both be happy and each of you should be looking forward to a highlight, so compromise on the activity you might not prefer and show enthusiasm to support your partner.

2. Unmanaged Misunderstandings

From planning to actually traveling, there will be many things that you both need to discuss. Chances are there will be misunderstandings that make for uncomfortable moments ( or even a fight, gasp!)

Solution: Understand that this should be one of the happiest moments of your relationship. This way, you will both agree to set aside simple misunderstandings and use the best cool-headed approach each time you come across misunderstanding. It also helps if each person plans based on skills, for example : if you’re great on taking care of the budget, then perhaps he’s better at planning the itinerary, etc.

3. Budgetting Feuds

He wants a five star hotel, but you’d rather splurge on something else. Budget dispute is a pretty common problem, even in your daily course of relationship and could be even more so during holiday.

Solution: Discuss this topic early and find the best way to manage your holiday funds. Whether it is personal spending or expenses for both, it is highly important to be clear and precise so that you can truly enjoy your holiday together peacefully.

4. Feeling Too Overwhelmed

Okay, a whole weekend of your boyfriend only - that can get a bit overwhelming. What if you get tired of him or vice versa?

Solution: A quality “me-time’ doesn’t have to be a bad idea even if it’s just your first trip together. You can plan a different short activity apart, or even engage another couple friends who happen to live in your destination city. We’re sure, you’ll be even more lovey dovey when you’re both all alone again.

5. Fascinating/ Annoying Habits

Messy boyfriend? Slow girlfriend? Get ready to see all sides of your partner now that you will spend 24 hour together.

Solution: Well, there’s a saying, “ if you truly love a person, accept them as they are” - but if there is something that really bothers you, find a way to talk about it rather than keep it bottled up. Get ready to receive some criticisms too, but hey, as long as they are constructive, we’re sure that's the key to a long lasting relationship.

6. Unpreserved Memories

Worry you won’t have a proper couple picture? Nobody wants to end up with a solo picture on their first couple trip for sure.

Solution: Hire a personal holiday photographer, of course. SweetEscape is a great way to eternalize this sweet and precious memory. No more standard or boring couple poses with blurry backgrounds or awkward wefies, trust that your first ever vacation memories are good in the hands of our photographers! Interested in a SweetEscape session? Get $50 OFF on your first session. Sign up and book a session today.

by Masayuki for SweetEscape in Furano

by Bramantya for SweetEscape in Tokyo

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Sidney and Etha Mohede: Christmas Tradition in Our Family
12 Dec 2019STORIESBY SweetEscape

Among the Indonesian Christian community, Sidney and Etha Mohede are extremely popular. Sidney is best known as an award-winning gospel singer-songwriter and one of the pastors of a Jakarta-based megachurch, while Etha is a social media influencer. This Christmas season, we had the opportunity to talk with The Mohedes about their Christmas tradition, how they're going to spend this year's Christmas, and the importance of photography for their family.

by Priscilla for SweetEscape in Amsterdam
by Priscilla for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

1. Tell us about Christmas in your family!

We think our family's Christmas is just like any other family's. When we're in Jakarta, on Christmas morning we'd wake up and open our Christmas presents. But, since these couple of years we spent our Christmases traveling overseas, we'd open the presents before we fly off.

Also, we like to think that the trip itself is the present for the entire family, and we are happy to enjoy the trip together, just us and our three children.

2. Any particular Christmas dinner tradition?

Our family's Christmas dinner usually happens on the Christmas Eve, with simple dishes and no special table decorations. We always like to finish up all the hassle before Christmas Day itself. On Christmas Day we'd usually just eat simple take outs and just enjoy our time together.

However, we think that our family's dinners–be it Christmas or not–is a tradition in itself. We want to make sure that every family member sit around the table at dinner time. We see nowadays in modern families, at dinner time everybody's still busy with their own things; the kids watching videos on their tables, the parents still busy with their gadgets... We don't want that in our family. We make sure that everyone sits around the table and really enjoy our time together, including on Christmas dinners.

by Donny for SweetEscape in Bali

3. Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

This year we'll be going to Europe, namely Italy and the Netherlands. This would be our first time in Italy, and it's a 3-families trip. We're flying off to Dusseldorf, then we'll travel to Milan and meet the other 2 families there. Then we'd spend 7 days in Italy and 7 days in Netherlands, so in total it would be a 14 days trip.

by Dennis + Dewi for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

As for the detailed itinerary, we honestly have no clue, but we've already booked a car to drive around. We want to try a road trip-style holiday this time around, and we think it would be fun! It's going to be an adventure!

4. We know you travel a lot, especially Sidney. Do you take photos of your trip?

Of course! For me (Sidney) personally, I love photography because it is a way I can express my passion easily. I was an art major in university, and my first passion was drawing and painting. But drawing something takes a lot of time. With a camera, I can capture the beauty of what I was seeing wherever I go with a single snap. I can still use my brain and eye for the compositions and colours, and I can express my visual arts passion in an easy way, without having to spend more than 30 minutes to draw one picture.

by Dennis + Dewi for SweetEscape in Amsterdam
by Dennis + Dewi for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

Which is why, we also love SweetEscape very much, because the idea of not being the one who takes the photographs and actually being photographed once in a while is really fun! Honestly, I'm (Sidney) not a big fan of being photographed, like most guys, I believe. But for a family photo, it's always nice to have, since most of the times we'd have to take turns taking pictures with the kids, or resort to selfies. With SweetEscape, we don't have to worry about this, and all five of us can be in the picture together!

by Dennis + Dewi for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

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