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Five Reasons Why Parents Should Vacation without Kids
05 Feb 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Is couple trip a concept that you think just won’t work for you? You think that it will spiral into a guilt trip even before you leave and you end up having a family holiday because you think that the only holiday you will ever need are holidays with the children. However, going away on a trip where you can be husband and wife, and not anyone’s parents, for a few days can do you good. Here are five reasons to convince you that it’s actually a good thing for parents to vacation without kids:

1. You will strengthen your relationship

Going on a vacation without kids means you have dedicated time for each other that provide lots of opportunities for relationship growth. Since daily life is already overwhelming that you forget to put your husband/wife at the top of your list, vacation is the right moment to just focus on both of you and to keep the sparks alive.

by Polina for SweetEscape in Rome

2. You’ll have that much needed “me time”

Traveling without children allows parents to be individuals, and to take care of themselves as individuals too. Let’s think about this: what could be better than a time for mommy to have some quiet and peaceful moments with a good book while daddy goes for a fishing trip? That time away, even as couple, is good for parents. You will return a happier, more engaged person and parent.

3. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Parenting is a constant monitoring of kids’ needs and wants, until you can no longer maintain your own sanity. Going on a vacation without them is hard with all the guilty feeling that may arise from leaving them behind, not being able to physically be there and take care of them for a moment, but you will come home with heightened appreciation for them, and so will they.

by Ferry for SweetEscape in Sydney

4. You Will Raise More Independent Children

When you separate yourself from your children, you give them a chance to be independent. Kids need to feel independent and confident in their own abilities without needing constant affirmation from parents.

5. You Teach Your Children To Bond With Other People

When you’re on a vacation with your spouse, chances are you’re going to leave your children with a close family you trust. This will allow for a precious bonding time between your children and other important people in your life.

Are these reasons to leave your kids for vacation convincing enough? We certainly think that every parent needs some time off, to enjoy the holiday moment with each other and come back home refreshed and ready to take on the parenthood thing all over again.

by Carla for SweetEscape in Queenstown

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