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Holiday Is Right Around The Corner
17 Nov 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

The best way to enjoy your holidays are by being well prepared. You can never over plan anything! The idea is whenever planning for a trip the farther the better, so right now is your absolutely last minute notice.

Here are several reasons why planning needs time;

1. Over-priced Tickets

If we can choose the date in advance for the trip, this can save us a lot of money in purchasing the flight ticket. Many promos happened half a year before the year end holiday or before summer holiday. So 6 months in advance to book a ticket will be perfect. Although now is still a good time to book your ticket because some airline (if you are thorough) they can offer you a last minute deal. If you are lucky you can get a great airplane ticket price.

2. Over-booked Hotels

This, we recommend to book at least one to three months away from your trip, especially on peak seasons. Some hotel which located in a prime location, which you might be dying to visit can be overbooked. The price can be ridiculous as well. It is much better to book the hotel farther from the trip. At this point we are closing to the very last minute.

3. Over-‘worked’ Trip

Today this is something that we need to prepare before we visit a certain place on our holiday. Because of the hype of social media, a lot of people can be at one place at a time just because the world says you need to be there. Like for example; have you ever been to a theme park where you end up just queuing the whole time instead of enjoying the rides? This is because we are not careful with the timing on when to visit. Now, would be a good time to check out some places to go to and see if it is still plausible for you to enjoy while visiting those places. These days key designated places can be swarmed with tourists. Be smart about it, you do not want to ‘work’ on your holiday.

All in all preparation is key to an awesome holiday, we want you to enjoy it. Plan it, book it, schedule it wisely. Lastly, you might want to book a session or two with our photographers because bringing back home some captured memories is part of this year end holiday experience.

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