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"I Complete Me!"
23 Feb 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

“You complete me.”

That moment when Tom Cruise spoke these words to Renee Zellweger has left butterflies fluttering in the stomach of every woman. Oh, the feels! However, if you go into a relationship thinking that a romantic partner will complete you, think again! A truly happy relationship consist of two happy people who feel perfectly fine on their own. However romantic it may sound to need someone to complete us, the truth is that no one can ever complete us but ourselves!

A healthy and happy relationship begins with a healthy and happy you. A complete relationship starts with a complete you. Feeling complete means feeling happy and content, just being you. It means that you’re absolutely fine being alone and you do not need someone else to make you happy. This feeling of being complete is only possible when there are constant acts of self-love. Self-love is loving yourself every single day and not needing validation from anyone else but yourself. Here are some tips to love yourself better:

1. Make a conscious decision to love and honor yourself.

Decide right then and there that you will commit to doing all that you can to make sure you know how much you are worthy of your own love.

2. Start telling yourself what you love about yourself.

You really have to look in the mirror and be kind because what you see in the mirror is often what we see in the world. Our acceptance of others, disappointments in others, our patience with others are often reflections of our acceptance, disappointments and patience with ourselves. Love yourself and you will be able to love others.

by Musa for SweetEscape in Seoul

3. Forgive your mistakes and past self.

Forgive yourself for what you think you did or didn’t do and focus on what you will start doing right now. When you confront the dark parts of yourself and work to banish them with the light of your own forgiveness, you will be fearless!

4. Prioritize your own happiness.

Do something every day that makes you happy. Stay away from people and situations that lower your self worth. Experience life under your own terms first.

by Aaron for SweetEscape in Niseko

6. Be kind to yourself.

Accept your flaws and the things you cannot change. Love yourself. You are your biggest critic and you need to learn to stop criticising yourself. Treat yourself the way you would to your best friend. If you would never say the things you say to yourself to your own best friend, then why would you say it to yourself?

7. Focus less on winning the approval of others.

Learn to be aware that not everyone we love will agree with us every step of the way and to be OK with it. You alone give yourself permission to be happy and to live the life you want.

Even if you’ve found the right person for you, you must continue to take care of yourself. When you continue the journey of self-love, you will give value to the relationship much more. You will be a much more loving and happier partner.

Don't expect anyone to complete you. Be complete before you enter the relationship. It is neither of you or your partner’s responsibility to complete one another. It is not any of our jobs to ‘make’ our partners happy. To put that kind of responsibility on someone else’s shoulders would be such a burden that no one can really ever fulfill.


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