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Jakarta for Weekenders
16 Aug 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

A vast cosmopolitan city and the Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a city that never sleeps. It is abundant in shopping malls and restaurants for its citizens who come from all over the country to work. However, Jakarta offers a whole lot more than that because the city has hidden gems worth exploring.

The Thousand Islands

by Ariel for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Not many people are aware that Jakarta is also blessed with romantic tropical islands getaway, just a short boat ride from Ancol Marina. You can enjoy the fresh sea breeze, walk barefoot on the white sand, or take part in water sports. The closer islands like Bidadari, Ayer, and Kahyangan offer some floating cottages and beach sports. Those further away such as Pramuka, Tidung, and Harapan are ideal for snorkeling and diving.

Special Markets

If you love shopping for antiques or something unique and special, Jakarta is sprawling with markets for what you are looking for. Surabaya Street in Menteng area sells artifacts: Dutch kerosene lamps, Balinese statues, Kalimantan machetes, the list is endless. You can visit an 1800s market called Pasar Baru, which specializes in textiles and leather goods. Flowers both local and imported – rose, jasmine, orchid, tulip, frangipani, can be found in Rawa Belong Flower Market.


A historical city, Jakarta preserves its heritage in many places. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a huge complex with many attractions within: real life replica of Indonesian traditional houses, Hokkien Museum – about the history of Chinese people in Indonesia, Transportation Museum, IMAX Theatre, and many more. You can go to Monas to climb to the top of the tower and visit a small museum at the ground floor. Other museums in the city are Museum of Indonesia, Old Town, Puppet Museums, etc.

Historic Restaurants and Cafes

If you love trying out new culinary experiences, many restaurants and cafes in Jakarta established from a long time ago can transport you back in time while tickling your taste buds. Old Town has Café Batavia, Historia, and Keukenhof Bistro that give you the Old Dutch colonial era. For a more peranakan feel, dine in Shanghai Blue 1920 in Kebon Sirih. For a more tradional Javanese atmosphere, go to Harum Manis in Pavillion Apartment.

As you can see, weekends in Jakarta can be a whole lot of fun!