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Labuan Bajo: Six Tips For First Time Travelers
15 Aug 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Labuan Bajo is a town in Flores surrounded by hills that rise steeply from the shore. The setting is picturesque with breathtaking views at sunset. You can get here by a small plane since there is an airport. These past few years, the town has seen many visitors because of the rising interest, especially since this is where people start their komodo island tour. Before you visit, here is what you should know.

Don’t bring too much luggage

You will be arriving in a small plane and most likely you will be travelling on a boat, so bringing suitcases, especially big ones, is not ideal. Backpacks are better because you can easily carry them on your backs.

Pack necessities

Since your luggage space is limited, only bring what you need. Plan out your clothes carefully.

Bring beachwear

Labuan Bajo is an island and you might visit other islands while there. Take loose t-shirts, some shorts, swimming costumes, underwear, a light jacket, a pair of comfortable pants for the plane ride, a hat if you wish, and a sarong. Don’t forget to bring a cool pair of sunglasses!

Appropriate footwear

You will need sport shoes if you are going hiking to the mountains and hills. Flip flops are great for daily wear.

Sunscreen and other medicine

Make sure you bring sunscreen because the sun heat is strong. You will get sunburnt if you don’t. You may also bring insect repellant and something to help you with seasickness.

Book your Sweet Escape session

There are so many activities and beautiful spots in Labuan Bajo, so it would be a good idea to book Sweet Escape so you can enjoy your holiday without having to worry about taking photos. Our photographer will do that for you and you will get amazing photos at the end.

by Aidin for SweetEscape in Labuan Bajo
by Aidin for SweetEscape in Labuan Bajo
by Aidin for SweetEscape in Labuan Bajo
by Aidin for SweetEscape in Labuan Bajo