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Pumping Adrenaline Rides For The Thrill Seekers
18 Jun 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Does the thought of heli-surfing, bungee jumping or parasailing excite the most out of you? Is your idea of sailing beneath the deep blue sea or camping under the high terrain your ideal vacation? Do you pack your sneakers instead of loafers or heels when the word ‘holiday’ comes your way? Then yes, you might be the Thrill Seeker type of our SweetEscape’s Escapist category.

Thrill Seekers love adventures! Especially the one that gets you to connect to the fresh outdoors of nature with some blood pumping activities. Mild trekking don’t really excite you, but you’d scream an affirmative YES at the idea of conquering that challenging cliffs at the break of dawn.

For you, traveling is not simply a relaxing moment, but an opportunity to satisfy your adventurous curiosity. You may relish after the joy of conquering a certain adrenaline-rush activity, but you’ll soon begging for more.

And when you do, tick off these 3 best adventurous destinations we have for you : Auckland, Dubai and Reykjavik.

Adventures in Auckland

Commonly regarded as the adventure capital of the world, Auckland of New Zealand is ready to thrill its travellers with various outdoorsy activities. As a famous metropolitan area, this city is blessed with high canyons, rafting spots, maritime wonderland and more.

Some of the top recommendations for adventures in Auckland include canyoning in Piha where you’ll show some muscles-work in climbing, hiking, and climbing through canyons, waterfalls and pools, bungee-jumping from the famous tri-bridge of Auckland Harbour Bridge, or trying out SkyWalk or SkyJump at Auckland’s Sky Tower.

Daredevils in Dubai

Dubai is probably most famed for its towering skyscrapers, gigantic malls, top notch casinos and everything of the modern metropolitan living. But the dazzling Dubai is currently attracting many adventure travellers, all thanks to its bountiful actions in land, sea and even air.

To begin, experience Dubai Dune Bashing which is one of the world’s best roller coaster ride through the sand or free fall from one of Dubai’s tallest buildings to get your rush of its breathtaking skyline. The Emirate’s desert also offers a giant campsite that also comes with every sand adventure activities. Dont forget the Ski Dubai Snow Park which offers you cool thrilling rides.

The Ravishing Reykjavik

For a one-of-a-kind Artic Adventure, you can’t go wrong with Reykjavik of Iceland. Explore the natural and unspoiled terrains with a multitude of surprises coming your way.

Some of the must-do adventures when in Reykjavik are hike along the gorgeous Icelandic mountains, ice fishing, diving to see the unique underwater sights, whale and puffin watching, to riding an Icelandic horse while taking in the extraordinary landscape. Whichever you end up with, it’s a surefire way to fill up your adrenaline for a long while.