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Rocking Your Instagram with SweetEscape Photos Like a Pro
24 Jul 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

We love Instagram as much as you do and we think that it is truly a remarkable way to share your holiday photos! There's no doubt that your holiday photos from your SweetEscape session are Instagram-worthy. But great photos aren't enough. Follow these tips and tricks for a rocking Instagram account!

Even though Instagram is all about sharing photos, captions are as important! It is true that the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words, but nothing could tell a story better than verbal communication that are spiced with tiny little details of the situation.

Let’s say you are posting a photo of you when you're having fun in London. Instead of just posting a caption that says “London, you rock!”, try talking about the interesting moment that happened there. The ambiance, the weather, or how you feel during that shot was taken. Happy? Excited? Let them know!

Much despised, with huge advantages is the usage of hashtags! You don’t have to be famous to use hashtags, in fact, if you want more people to see and like your photos, the use of the correct hashtags is very much important. What are the stuffs you into? Traveling perhaps? Then do a little research on the Internet and find the most used hashtags that relates to traveling on Instagram. The most used hashtags means a lot of people are viewing it to find inspiration and ideas. By using that popular hashtag, you are opening doors for idea seekers to find you and your creation.

Even with the new Instagram algorithm, posting at the right time is still as important. The algorithm will hold your post for as long as a few hours and if you post it on a deserted Instagram time, you won’t be getting much feedbacks from your followers. Avoid posting on Saturday nights where people are all out having fun with their friends and forgetting their Instagram timeline. Plus, if you post anything on Saturday night, it could show how plan-less your weekend is.

Last but not least, don’t forget to edit your photos. There are many apps to do this, such as VSCOCAM or Snapseed, but if you aren’t much of an editing guru, simply leave it to us! Sweet Escape captures your holiday photos and EDIT them as well. You won’t need to do more editing since we have the best editors with the best Instagram taste in our headquarter.

SweetEscape in Florence

Now that you know all the tools of the trade, don’t forget to use #SweetEscapeMoments as one of your hashtags to get a special giveaway from us. From now on, don’t forget to post like a pro!