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10 Ways to Make Long-Haul Flights More Memorable with Your Kids
15 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

These long hours on plane can be tiring and boring. Surviving long-haul flights with kids needs preparation, but making it more memorable needs tons of imagination. Let us share with you some fun tips to make your long flights enjoyable and memorable for you and your children.

1. Play 'What's the Shape?' Game

It’s an apple. It’s a giraffe or it’s a giant fluffy marshmallow. Guess-the-cloud’s shape is one of our favorite games because it allows you to gaze outside the small window and let your imagination soar.

2. Play Fashionista Onboard

We all know that playing dress-up is every little girl’s favorite thing. So pack up a small bag filled with necklaces, bracelets, scarves and sunglasses. These accessories will keep your darling busy for a while. Be creative, use blanket, magazines or even the cutlery to spice up your game.

3. Give Surprise Gifts

Sometimes a little reward will go a long way for your little ones. Prepare a small gift for them to open inside the plane. It could be anything too! Something as simple as a notepad and coloring pencils will work splendidly in entertaining them.

4. Interview in the Sky

Long flights mean more downtime for the stewardess, so why not encourage your little one to get friendly with these lovely staff? Stewardesses are usually more than happy to oblige your kid’s questions about her name, her jobs and more. So, nudge your kids and they may be making new friends before you know it.

5. Read Together

Nothing beats the power of a good story book to take you to different places while you’re stuck in your flights. Open a good book and read up, you two will soon be lost in a world of literary wonder.

6. Play Travel Board Games

There are plenty of games that can keep your kids sitting still and entertained. Bring along some favorite family board games in compact sizes.

7. Play Pretend

Another idea that requires nothing but your imagination, your kid can be a stewardess, a pilot, a mermaid and so much more!

8. Put On A Doll Show

It always help to bring along some of your kid’s best friends. Be it her favorite doll or his little finger puppet games, these soft buddies will be the familiar faces that put them right at ease. You can even make up stories and put on a show, starring your children's favorite soft toys.

9. Play 'I Spy with My Little Eye'

The old “ I-Spy” game always works wonder for long haul flights. To make if even more fun, prepare a small binocular in advance, and your little explorer will be spying and eyeing so many things beyond your imagination.

10. Have Fun With Stickers

Everyone loves stickers, even adults! Make sure you pack a lot of stickers and opt for the ones that come off easily so you’re not leaving a sticky mess after.

Be sure to keep your little darlings hydrated, well-rested and happy too. So when it’s time to step off the plane, the whole family is ready and fresh for a great start!