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5 Signs He Won’t Be Popping The Question This Year
14 Dec 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

So you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while now. You know that you want to take this relationship to the next level. You start to wonder if he’s ever going to pop the question, and you think to yourself, “Would this year be the year?”

Stop being haunted by the thought of it and try to chill. Look for the signs. But here are five major ones that should tell you that he won’t be getting down on one knee anytime soon.

1. You barely know his friends. Sure you’ve met his friends. You hung out with them once or twice, on casual occasions. But you haven’t really gotten to know his band of brothers, as if he doesn’t feel the importance of formally introducing them to you.

2. He never wants to meet your family. He always has the reason to turn down an invitation to meet your family. He might be avoiding to meet your parents because he doesn't see them as future in-laws.

3. He doesn't take you to meet his family. Bringing a girl home to meet his family is such a big milestone for a man. If you've never been asked to come over to his house, you should ask him why.

4. He always says that he needs to be financially stable. He’s either really conscientious or he’s simply not ready to be married. There is an intense pressure for men to be the breadwinner of the family and if he doesn’t feel like he’s not ready, he’s not ready.

5. He avoids the topic of marriage. He’s always dodging the subject every time you start to bring up anything related to wedding, marriage, family and children. It's pretty clear that he's not comfortable talking about stuff that he doesn't want to have anytime soon.

Although you shouldn’t be discouraged by the proposal that is yet to come, you do need take the time to discuss with your boyfriend where this relationship is heading to. Does he see you in his future? Do you see him in yours? If the answer is a resounding “Yes” to both, then trust the process and believe that one day that beautiful invitation will come to you. If not this year, maybe the next, or maybe the year after that. There's no deadline to eternal love.

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