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Create Your Unforgettable Year-End at These 6 Exciting Winter Destinations
21 Dec 2022INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Nothing really feels close to how the kids inside of us go crazily excited when we see the snow! Especially if you live in a country where there are only two seasons, it becomes a part of your bucket list to visit a country where the roofs get covered with blankets of ice and everything else turns to white.

And because the year end is approaching really soon, let’s not miss out on the snow! Here are six exciting winter destinations that you may visit for the holidays:

1. Lucerne, Switzerland

by Jasmin for SweetEscape in Lucerne

Similar to what you see in postcards is Lucerne's impressive mountainous landscape. This place has the best view of Lake Lucerne and stunning medieval architecture such as the Old Chapel Bridge and the Old Town area, definitely perfect for those who love a mix of pristine nature and history! Don't forget to try the authentic Swiss cheese fondue before you leave!

2. Vienna, Austria

by Ana for SweetEscape in Vienna

Vienna would warm your heart even when it's cold outside! You could go for walks at its city center and go on a little shopping trip in stalls selling food, gluhwein and handicrafts — they are known to have the best Christmas markets in Europe. You may also go ice skating in the gardens of the Wilhelminenberg Palace or a weekend ski trip to Hohe-Wand-Wiese. Invigorate your relationship by celebrating an anniversary or going on a honeymoon here!

3. Niseko, Japan

by Kuma for SweetEscape in Niseko

Year after year, Niseko ranked as one of the snowiest resorts in the world, which also makes it an exciting spot for your year-end winter holiday and perfect for those with an adventurous soul! Besides winter sports, you can have a relaxing stroll that will leave you in awe, where you can enjoy the majestic scenery of Mount Yotei which is undoubtedly the most recognizable peak in Hokkaido and an icon of the Niseko region!

4. Rovaniemi, Finland

by Milla for SweetEscape in Rovaniemi

This holiday season, how about a visit to the country where Santa Claus is said to traditionally originate? Experience a White Christmas in Rovaniemi, a city known for being the official hometown of Santa Claus, where you could find snow-covered villages and fun christmas activities such as enjoying a Reindeer ride just like how Santa Claus would! .

5. Quebec, Canada

by Marc for SweetEscape in Quebec City
by Cathy for SweetEscape in Quebec City

Québec City’s Old-World charm becomes all the more delightful with decorations and a blanket of snow in December. From Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church in Place Royale to the end of Rue du Petit-Champlain and the city’s iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac hotel standing tall, experience a winter wonderland just like in the fairy tales!

6. Zermatt, Switzerland

by Julia for SweetEscape in Zermatt
by Zhanna for SweetEscape in Zermatt

Experience your first snow in Zermatt, an idyllic mountain village tucked away in the Swiss Alps. Besides modern resorts, you can find the old part of the village of Zermatt which is known as the “Hinterdorf” (rear village), home to more than 30 buildings constructed in the traditional style of the barns and stores of the upper Valais, a delight to explore. But the main highlight of Zermatt would be enjoying the scenic tour of witnessing the Matterhorn mountain!

You'll never run out of beautiful scenery to capture at these 6 locations. For an unforgettable year-end experience, enjoy a SweetEscape session during your holiday adventure as we’ll capture and save those precious moments for you to keep and remember forever.

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