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Feeling The Holiday Blues? Let’s Cure It With These Tips!
10 Aug 2023INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

For many people who have just returned from the holidays and enjoyed so many relaxing days, it may not be easy to resettle back into regular working days. We would like to remind you that you can beat that feeling of emptiness by filling your weekends with fun and productive activities! Check out these tips that we’ve got for you!

Don’t be alone, have some company!

by Ricky for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by BG for SweetEscape in Manila

Having people around to talk to and spend time together can help cheer up your mood. Invite them for an activity to make things more fun! Like Arisan (An Indonesian gathering tradition in which members would donate an amount of money which will all be collected for a lottery to pick the winner), a cook-off competition, or any other unique traditions of your culture!

Go outside more and have fun!

by Bayu for SweetEscape in Yogyakarta
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If you're feeling the blues, it can be tempting to just sit down and do nothing or turn on a show to binge-watch all day. Before you give in to that, let’s clear your mind by going outside! A picnic can be relaxing as you get to enjoy the breeze and your favorite food. Or explore your city and visit places that you haven’t explored before to cure that holiday craving!

Look forward, not backward!

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It’s a good idea to contemplate one thing you would love to happen this year. Not a giant “life goal” as this could be daunting, with your exhausted mind already feeling blue. Is it to visit a destination on your travel bucket list? Or practicing a new healthy routine? Having that in your mind will give you a clear goal to aim for!

Another way to beat the holiday blues is by having a photoshoot, because captured photos can remind you that every moment in life is precious, even when you’re not holidaying. Anytime and anywhere you want to cherish moments, SweetEscape connects you to professional photographers in 500+ cities around the world to capture every moment! Smile, we’re here!