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How to Have Memorable Holiday Moments Captured
09 Jun 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Do you know what actually makes a great holiday photo? Some would argue that it depends on the location, like a family photo on a garden full of Sakura trees or a memorable picture in front of the London Royal Palace. Some others would argue that a great family photo depends on the photographer or the camera. Even a photo on Iceland wouldn’t be a great one without a state of the art camera with a great eye behind it.

Despite of all those arguments, we truly believe that a great holiday photo depends on the person in itself. By that, we believe that a holiday photo should be able to capture the mood and the personality of the ones being captured. You can have a nice background for your holiday photo, but it wouldn’t be as nice if the subject stands still looking bored in every poses. That is why we compile some of our favorite holiday photos from London and Sydney that could be an inspiration for your next holiday getaway.

Exude your witty persona

Instead of looking cute or charming on your next holiday photo, why not be funny and witty instead? Rethink your angle and poses in such a way that shows the genuine fun you’ve been having in your holiday. Ignore all the Instagram posy photos and be your true self. Let loose, have fun and ignore all the watchers.

Interact with the other subjects in the photo

If you were usually behind the camera, this would come as something natural to you. But if you are the subject of a group photo, you might want to interact with the group instead of the usual smiling and posing style. Your little interaction with the peers will bring your photo to life. It might be awkward at first, but after a few times you will be quite used to it.

Take candid shots

Ask your friends holding the camera to take candid shots during the holiday. The best shots are usually spontaneous and unplanned. That’s why you need to have your camera ready at all times! It could happen when you’re eating or even when you’re packing.

Capture the surroundings

Try to capture a bit of the surrounding environment so the memories of your vacation, especially some particular places, can last a lifetime.

Wherever you go, make sure to bring home memorable photos that will put a wide smile on your face once you take a look at them again. Follow those 4 simple steps and we are sure that you will get those kinds of photos. For less hustle, talk to us and we will make sure of that!