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How To Make The Most Out of Your 1-Hour Session
26 Jul 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

We know how important your photos for you – that’s why we want you to get the most out of your SweetEscape session. With SweetEscape's 1-hour photo session now available in more cities than ever, we feel that this list of tips will help you get the results you desire and make sure that you make the best of your SweetEscape session!

by Bryan for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

1. Make Sure You Have a Clear Concept

by Ammata for SweetEscape in Phuket
by Ammata for SweetEscape in Phuket

The best way to ensure your photos turn out how you want them to is to have a clear concept. Our photographers are always open to your ideas and are keen to make your visions become reality. Got ideas about how you want your photos to look? This is your opportunity to tell us so we can work with the photographer to make it happen for you. Please fill in the NOTES section while you book with your concept or chat us before your session.

2. Be Prepared

by Anthony for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

Preparation is key to making sure everything goes smoothly on the day of your session. Do make sure that you are properly refreshed and hydrated to ensure that you have the proper energy while doing the shoot. Also, it might be good to do some research of your shooting location and to map out the spots that you want to take your photos at, to make sure that your 1-hour session is used to its full potential.

3. Weather

by Hendry for SweetEscape in Seoul
by Hendry for SweetEscape in Seoul

Worried about the weather? All our photographers are experienced in taking great photos even under the worst weather conditions, so if you’re thinking about canceling the shoot due to rain, heat, or snow, you needn’t bother. We will make sure your photos turn out beautifully, whatever the weather. It is, however, advisable to dress appropriately for the seasons so that you feel comfortable during the shoot.

4. Arrive on Time

by Bramantya for SweetEscape in Tokyo

Make the most out of your time with us and arrive at your chosen location well before the photoshoot time. That way, when your session time starts, you and your photographer will be ready to shoot straight away, and you can also explore the locations first--who knows, you might find a new spot for your photoshoot!

5. Trust Your Photographer

by Adi S for SweetEscape in Bali
by Adi S for SweetEscape in Bali

Remember that an expert is behind the camera and he/she knows exactly what to do. All our photographers have years of industry knowledge and experience and are guaranteed to capture you in your best light. They will always aim to get as many shots of you as they can so our retouchers have more to choose from when they are digitally editing the best ones for you. Feel free to ask your photographer to see the photos on their camera as they go along so you can get an idea of what the end result will be.

6. Get it in 48 Hours!

by Jeff for SweetEscape in Cebu

In just 48 hours, you will have your carefully chosen, professionally retouched images at your disposal! Don’t just leave them sitting in our app – download them to your device and get sharing them with your friends and family right away from our app. And because your images will always be in high-resolution, they are suitable for printing just as you would with any other photo. If you want extra photos from your session, you can always buy all of your photos! Psst... There are always promos for you to download more photos!

7. Relax

by Jen for SweetEscape in Queenstown
by Jen for SweetEscape in Queenstown

Once your session is booked, we take care of everything for you. All you have to do is turn up, enjoy your photo session, then sit back and wait for your photos to be expertly retouched by our team and sent to your device in less than 48-hours. If you’re feeling nervous during a shoot, let your photographer know as they can help you feel more at ease. They can also suggest positioning and poses if you would like them to do so. As a general rule, candid, unforced moments make for more beautiful photos.

8. Your Best Look

by Tim for SweetEscape in Paris

There are no rules as to what you should wear to a photo shoot but it is important that you feel comfortable and that you can move easily during your shoot. For those who want to make sure they look sharp in their photos, check out our blog for articles about specific outfit ideas for specific moments of your lives!

9. Step Away From Your Smartphones!

by Anna for SweetEscape in Shirakawa-go
by Anna for SweetEscape in Shirakawa-go

Our photographers are equipped with the most advanced professional cameras to capture the best photos for you, so you don't need to worry about taking selfies with your smartphones! Trust SweetEscape to capture your moments into great photos that will last a lifetime.

by Carolina E for SweetEscape in Paris

Don’t forget that we’re here to help. If you have any questions about making a booking or about an upcoming session, get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist. For every moment, from birthdays to graduations, we are here to capture them for you! SweetEscape connects you to a growing network of local professional photographers in more than 500 cities around the world, perfect for any occasion, any where, anytime. Book your session now and let's #MakeLifeMemorable!