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Netflix Series to Watch in May to Get You Inspired in Life
10 May 2023INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Hi Escapists! Have you ever felt like you’re in a slump as of late? If you feel that you need an idea of what to do to get motivated, perhaps watching shows can be the thing, as it can give you something to reflect on. Here are Netflix series to watch this month which has life lessons to get you inspired.


by Bryan for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

Danny and Amy, two protagonists with polar opposite social statuses, got involved in a road rage incident. As they continue to do everything they can to affect or ruin each other, eventually they realize that they share similar nature and can fully understand each other. The show highlights the importance of finding someone who accepts you unconditionally! Though a relationship might start rocky at first, slowly you can share your true selves with one another.


by Bale for SweetEscape in Bangkok
by Phassawee for SweetEscape in Bangkok

This recent hit tells the story of Aoy who runs her family's noodle restaurant in Bangkok. One day, she receives an invitation to join team 'Hunger', Thailand's number one luxury Chef's table team led by the famously innovative, and infamously nasty, Chef Paul. Accepting this offer, she discovers the cutthroat side of culinary artistry. Through it all, there’s a humbling lesson that true happiness comes from being tied to one's roots and never forgetting your family.

Love To Hate You

by Minho for SweetEscape in Seoul

A K-Drama enemies-to-lovers story between Mi-ran, a young lawyer who hates to lose to a man in everything, and Kang-ho, a famous actor who actually doesn’t trust women. From their story, there’s a reminder of the importance of never judging a book by its cover when you meet someone. Because who knows, you might fall for them one day.

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