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5 Outfit Ideas for Your Sakura Photoshoot
04 Mar 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Your itinerary is set. Your appointment with our photographer is on. You know for a fact that the cherry blossoms will be waiting. But you’re not exactly sure what to wear during the photo shoot.

Calm down and fret not, because that’s what we’re here for! We know just how important outfits are in the making of a memory of a lifetime. So you are definitely not alone when it comes to imagining what’s best for a sakura photoshoot. If you find yourself stuck on ideas for your upcoming photo session in Japan, how about paving the way with some of these ideas:

1. Kimono/Yukata

by Brendan for SweetEscape in Kyoto

Naturally, you will want to wear something that is significant to the destination. Both a kimono and yukata are often the traditional go-to items for festivals or events too. So a kimono for the lady and yukata for the man is just the right answer on top of our list!

For non-Japanese, it is more than possible to rent your own personal kimono and yukata to wear for a day, including for a photoshoot purpose. Whether you’re in Kyoto or Tokyo, there’s always a rental place that will accommodate your taste well.

We personally love working with Klook and their variety of travel services all around the world, including kimono and yukata rental in Japan! Don’t miss out all the fun promo with Klook here!

2. Muted & Neutral Colors

by Deby for SweetEscape in Tokyo

When spring is in full blooms, we’d like to embrace it in an equally natural palette : earthy tones that lean towards muted and neutral sides. Think warm colors like beige, cream, or khakis that pairs well with white or grey. There is a hint of classic in these shades that always creates such a timeless and everlasting feel in your photo shoot results.

3. Prewedding-Ready

by Albert for SweetEscape in Kyoto
by Albert for SweetEscape in Kyoto

For pre-wedding session, we recommend going with a formal wear in color-blocking style. Instead of going full-blown drama with monochromatic fashion, color blocks offer a chance to be creative with the colors that compliment you and your beau. Our last tip is to find the shades that suit you, something fresh with nothing more than 3-4 colors to work with at the same time.

4. A Bit Of Layer

by Hendry for SweetEscape in Seoul

Spring tends to get warmer but the weather may still feel quite cool every now and then. So you’ll want to get on your most comfortable basic such as tank tops and favorite bottoms as the base, and then work with outerwear such as a light jacket or silk scarf that gives out that soothing and romantic vibes. Don’t forget your hat for that final cute touch!

5. Denim aka Jeans

by William K. for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by William K. for SweetEscape in Tokyo

Something that never fails and an all-time favorite, denim is definitely something you should consider for your sakura photoshoot. The always versatile pair of jeans can get very interesting when pair with any top and a little bit of accessories. Even a plain white shirt can look instantly chic on you as long as you have your trusty ol’ jeans. Prioritize comfort for your footwear too because it’s always best to go with the casual vibe for your hanami activity.

by Eriko for SweetEscape in Kyoto
by Albert for SweetEscape in Kyoto

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