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Tips To Get Over Your Post-Holiday Blues
10 Jun 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

It’s official, the holidays have come to an end. Not looking forward to going back to work? Feeling the post-holiday blues and you can’t seem to accept that the holidays are over? We know the feeling, and it can be tough! It’s always the things we enjoy most that go by within a blink of an eye, right? To help you get through these moments, here are some tips that can be of great help for you to get by this phase easier. Give some of these tips a try, and we guarantee that you will feel a difference!

1. Clean Your Home/Space/Area

by Dan for SweetEscape in Queenstown

Do yourself a huge rewarding favor by cleaning your house or personal space, and you will surely feel an enormous difference. You can maintain your home, make it feel like home, even more than before. Throw away things you no longer need or serves a purpose in your life. Have a place for everything, and have everything in its place.

2. Plan Your Next Holiday Destination – But Really Plan It!

by Olga for SweetEscape in London
by Olga for SweetEscape in London

Have something to look forward to, better yet, make a checklist of all the places you want to see and go to. For each of those places, you can even create a budgeting scheme for your next vacation. Look into the must-see places that you shouldn’t miss when you do go. Think of vacation as a reward for all your hard work.

3. Look Through Your Photographs, Make A Collage

by Andi for SweetEscape in Bali

Take out all of your photographs and have a good long look at each one of those photographs. Let those images bring back those holiday vibes and memories. Pictures last a lifetime, and just by looking at them you will go on a nostalgic ride. Make a collage to decorate your room, when you have some spare time.

4. Splurge On Some Aromatic Candles

by Kursat for SweetEscape in Cappadocia
by Andrea for SweetEscape in Positano

Do you find yourself longing for the scents from your vacation to come back? Make a quick trip to your local shopping mall and head over to a good ole’ candle shop. From summer to winter scents, these candles are guaranteed to take you on vacation, but without you having to actually go anywhere.

5. Create Playlists On Your Spotify

by Eny for SweetEscape in Paris

Feeling bummed because it’s bye-bye vacation and back to real life duties? Not ready to leave behind the great summer holiday you just had? Listen to some summer playlists and feel your burdens lifted. Jam to some summer tunes in your house, and let the melodies change the vibe of your house and soul.

6. Tend To Yourself At Home, Or Head Over To Your Local Spa

by Sandy for SweetEscape in Bali
by Sandy for SweetEscape in Bali

Nothing beats a nice cool facial mask over your face before starting work again. It’s cheap, easy, and convenient for use. In just 15-20 minutes time you will look and feel refreshed, and your mood will surely elevate. Too lazy for all that? You can have someone else do it for you. Give yourself a spa day, and both your body and soul will thank you.

by Henliauw for SweetEscape in Seoul

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