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Tips for Traveling with a Big Group
30 Nov 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

As we know when we are heading somewhere we have our own preferences. When reaching a certain destination everyone will have their own wants and needs. So, to make this a smooth holiday for you, we want to share a couple of tips on how to travel with a big group of people.

1. Discuss and Decide

Many groups of people fail to do this when they are going somewhere together. If we are going in a group we have to make sure that eveybody’s idea on where to go or how to get there is listened to. Ask and discuss it together with every individual in the group. Note them down and start discussing to see the best way to get to the destinations we desire.

2. Written Itinerary

I know this sounds like we are not having fun. But having a written itinerary and having everyone to follow this through can help us track our activities through out the holiday. Which is one of the biggest hassle when we are traveling together. Loss track of everything. Everyone wants to go to a certain place or eat at certain times or even wake up as late as they wany. But by having this itinerary help us track of time and places to go to.

3. Right Transport and Accomodation

If we are traveling with more than four people we might want to reconsider the type of accomodation that we want to book. You might want to try places like service apartments or houses for rent. This can actually lessen the cost. The same with transportation, if you know you will be on the move the whole time, public transportations may not be suitable. Try renting a car or a mini bus so that it will be easier for you to go from one place to another.

4. Book A Local Photographer

In this digitalized era we know that many of us have the best smartphones with great cameras on it but when you are traveling in groups you might need someone else to captured your valuable moments. Sweet Escape would be the perfect solution, we have many local photographers in many different cities all over the world. By having us there, we will make sure that festivity of your holiday are captured nicely.

We are hoping that your end of year holiday is as lit as the wishes and hopes for a great New Year!

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