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Unique & Historic Locations for Your Pre-Wedding in the West Coast of USA!
21 Sep 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

The USA has plenty of hidden gems for capturing your pre-wedding, and the west coast has some of the best spots ranging from natural landscape view to those that are rich in history and diversity. Let’s check out these locations for your future pre-wedding session!

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

by Rain for SweetEscape in Las Vegas
by Rain for SweetEscape in Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon, one of the Southwest’s most memorable landscapes, lies just a few miles away from Las Vegas. The unique landscape features amazing rock formations, natural beauty, and the vivid colors of the rocks present many opportunities to capture your intimate pre-wedding photoshoot here.

Pasadena City Hall, California

by Yansen for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

Completed in 1927, Pasadena City Hall is a 170,000 square foot building with Spanish Baroque architecture designed around a central courtyard with a cast-stone fountain. It has also long been a favorite shooting location for filmmakers, from Parks & Recreations to the classic Mission Impossible TV series and more. Pre-wedding photoshoots here can give off a classic touch to your photos. *Note that photoshoots in this spot will require permission.

Lover’s Lane Trail, San Francisco

by Alfian for SweetEscape in San Francisco

You can find this trail in The Presidio, a 1-500 acre park next to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a place for lovers! Nature, outdoor, art, and history lovers will find something to gush about on the enchanting trail of Lovers’ Lane, the oldest footpath in the park. The winding path is lined with beautiful, immense Eucalyptus trees creating an amazing perspective for your photos.

Missions District, San Francisco

by Katie for SweetEscape in San Francisco

Missions District neighborhood in San Francisco, commonly known as “The Mission”, is famed for its diverse culture, rich artworks, and beautiful architecture. The art scene in The Mission is thriving, that the entire neighborhood is essentially one big canvas. There are plenty of alleys to visit for beautiful murals and popping colors for your photos, the ones that stand out being Balmy Alley, Clarion Alley, Women’s Building Mural, Carnival Alley.

These are some of the unique and historical locations in the west coast of the USA that can be recommended for your pre-wedding session! Wherever you plan to have a pre-wedding session, don’t forget to use SweetEscape because we connect you with hundreds of professional photographers in cities around the world, and they are always ready to capture your every moment! Plus your photos will also be ready within 48 hours after your session. So what are you waiting for? Let's #MakeEveryMomentMemorable with SweetEscape!