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Which Chinese New Year Traditions Do You Look Forward To the Most?
05 Feb 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

The upcoming Chinese New Year is upon us, and 2021 marks the year of the ox! While many look forward to the festivities, sometimes we might have taken certain aspects of Chinese New Year for granted. More than just about receiving red packets, celebrating Chinese New Year would be more meaningful if we understand its significance. So, let’s take a look at some of the Chinese New Year traditions that we have gathered from around the world!

Greet and Feast With Family

Chinese New Year is the time to build stronger ties with our family, and all the more merry with the feasts that it is celebrated with. But this year will be different as due to the pandemic, mass gatherings are a no-go or somewhat restricted in different parts of the world. But fret not, for we can still greet one another virtually and safely! Chinese New Year is also a good opportunity to reconnect with those you lost contact with.

by Ben for SweetEscape in Shanghai

Wear Bright Coloured Clothing

Wearing bright coloured clothes is often the norm during Chinese New Year, some believe it to bring good luck and prosperity, but we surely know that it’ll make you look fresh and ready for a new start!

by James for SweetEscape in Singapore
by James for SweetEscape in Singapore

Chinese New Year Decorations

What would Chinese New Year be without decorations? It is believed that these decorations hold a meaning of their own, such as mandarins which are said to bring luck, lanterns and door couplets are believed to ward off bad luck, and many more. Nonetheless, we do love sweet treats and beautiful bright coloured decorations to brighten up the new year!

by Bale for SweetEscape in Bangkok

Distributing Red Packets

It is one of those moments that we look forward to receiving. Red Packets, or sometimes called Ang Pao or Hong Bao in certain regions, typically are money envelopes given by parents and married relatives to young children and unmarried youths to wish them prosperity and wealth, though it can sometimes be found as decorations! But it’s not all about the money, as it is the act of giving that makes this moment special.

by Deddy for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Yusheng For Good Luck

“Yusheng'' or also known as “Lo Hei'' in cantonese, is a platter dish served during Chinese New Year with different ingredients which holds a meaning and phrase for each. People would enjoy it by gathering around the plate together, mixing up the ingredients and shouting phrases, with popular belief that the higher the toss means the better your luck gets. Whether you believe it or not, Lo Hei is a fun activity to do during Chinese New Year!


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