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Why SweetEscape Should Be Your Travel Essential
22 Jun 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

TRAVEL. This five-letter word seems to be quite a global phenomenon nowadays. It’s like a new normalcy to hear people asking this question to each other, “When’s your next travel plan?” Or this, “Where are you going this long weekend?” More and more people are joining the glorified mission to go explore the world and discover the world’s most beautiful places, in the name of bringing home memorable experience that would last a lifetime. It has become one of the most heart-filling and recharging escapism from reality with varied budget ranging from a very affordable cost to the most luxurious ones.

There’s just something heart-filling and recharging when you sort of escaping the busy life and big city hustle to your dream destinations with your loved ones, making memories for a life. No language could explain the joy of that experience. The preparation and planning would recharge and make you feel excited. The memory and trinkets that you took home with you, whether it’s photos or souvenirs, will leave you wanting for more. So you back to reality only to plan for your next getaway.

Now, when it comes to traveling, people always have their list of MUST BRING item, or so the urban hipster-ish people refer to it as “ESSENTIALS”. What are your travel essentials? Ask most people and they would probably give you the same typical answer: sunglasses, neck pillow, books, earphones, etc. But, what’s your ULTIMATE essential? We believe every one who loves to travel will say: CAMERA. Because, what’s the point of traveling without bringing home like tons of photos, right? That’s the only way to preserve your memorable moment during the trip.

But, how often did you find yourself cringing over blurry photos taken by stranger or your travel companions? Or, even if you are bringing your own tripod and has been a fan of the self-timer feature, isn’t it still quite a hustle for you to run back and forth only to check your photos and retake it over and over again?

Say goodbye now to asking stranger to capture your photos, to selfie stick, to bringing your own tripod, and running back and forth to press the self-timer button. Preserving holiday memories are now made easier with SweetEscape, the ultimate travel essential, which comes in the form of a holiday photo service. Enjoy the most of your holiday and let our photographers help you freeze every single desirable moments within two hours or more. What’s even better is now you can book your SweetEscape session via SweetEscape App. This App is created to provide more convenience to you, our valued customers, so you can easily book, set the schedule and within only three business days, you can download the pictures in high resolution! To learn more about how to book SweetEscape session via App, we've got that covered. Go to this page to get all the details.

So, where ever your destination is, we are ready to turn your holiday or traveling moments into beautiful photos taken by professional photographers that are spread around the globe: from East Asia, to Southeast Asia, to Australia, to Russia, to Europe, to North America, to Africa, to South America, and even to far-flung destinations like Iceland.