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A New Trend in Photography: Terrace & Virtual Shoots!
08 Jun 2020NEWS & UPDATESBY Natasha

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the photography industry had innovate and adapt to the situation to stay in the business. No longer do photo shoots done in studios or photo spots in the cities, a new trend has emerged: Virtual and Terrace Photo Shoots. These types of photography can be done at the comfort of your own homes, and with strict safety protocols in place.

by Vic for SweetEscape in Manila

Virtual Photo Shoot

One of the most popular new way to do photography is through Virtual Photo Shoots, where the session is done through video call with a photographer. With a strong and stable internet connection, the photographer can take good quality photos through the computer screens.

by Fredy for SweetEscape in Jakarta

The unique thing about virtual photo shoot is that the photographer would usually use different objects to achieve different visual effects, for example using a piece of glass or blinking lights when taking photos. The model / photo object could also use different properties to enhance the photos, such as flowers or other props they could find at home.

by Mei for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Virtual photo shoot is quite easily done, especially when conducted in a room with optimal natural lighting. However, most virtual photo shoots would not have the same quality as a tradiitonal photo shoots, and the sharpness of the image would depend largely on the internet connection and/or devices used by both the model and the photographer.

Terrace Photo Shoot

During the quarantine period, one of the ways to do a photo shoot is to do it on the terrace or driveway. This is most effective to keep your physical distance with the photographer. Terrace photo shoot was initially popular among influencers and celebrities, but more and more people are doing it these days.

by Lando for SweetEscape in Jakarta

To do a terrace photo shoot, the photographer would visit the model's house, then–while maintaining a safe distance–the photographer would capture the photos. The benefits of a terrace shoot is that everyone could enjoy a good photo session without requiring much preparations. Just like a traditional photo shoot, the results would turn out great compared to Virtual Shoots.

by Sweet Escape for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Winston for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Starting from June 5th, 2020, you too can capture your precious moments at home with SweetEscape's Terrace Photo Shoot. When you book your session, you will also contribute to a good cause because SweetEscape will donate IDR 100.000 / session to the charity Jalin Mimpi to help them during this pandemic. Also, for the first 20 bookings, we offer a FREE VIRTUAL PHOTO SHOOT session, just for you, so book your session today and let's have your moments #CapturedPerfectly with SweetEscape!