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SweetEscape: A Photography Service For Every Moment
07 Oct 2019NEWS & UPDATESBY SweetEscape

Whether it be a simple birthday, a little getaway trip to the faraway lands or even a little reunion with your family or high school friends, SweetEscape is always ready to capture those moments for you. Looking for some inspiration as to what you can use SweetEscape for? Read on below for some of our favorite moments from this year!

1. #ForEvery Mother Daughter Shoot - Mikaela Martinez

Thinking of doing a special mother daughter shoot? Take inspiration from Mikaela Martinez and her daughter Noelle who went on a fun trip to Hong Kong to spend some quality bonding time.

by Mattie for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

2. #ForEvery Newborn Homecoming - Divine Lee

Welcoming a new little one is one of the most remarkable milestones in a family’s journey. Not a week old yet, we caught a glimpse of Divine Lee’s intimate moments with her newborn angel Blanca as she was welcomed home from the hospital. Lots of photos were taken to adorn the baby’s room with!

by Maria for SweetEscape in Cebu
by Maria for SweetEscape in Cebu

3. #ForEvery Travel - Anne Curtis-Smith

The best part of traveling is to discover not only new things and places but also your own self. Anne Curtis Smith’s love for Korean shows isn’t a secret so when she made a trip to Canada for her tour, she made sure to visit the locations where the KDrama “Goblin” was shot wearing a red scarf with Château Frontenac as a background in reference to the show.

Whether you prefer to travel solo, as couple, or with a group, freeze moments in time and look back at some of the best moments of your life with a photo session (or two!)

by Laetitia for SweetEscape in Quebec City

4. #ForEvery Reunion - Amanda Griffin

For Amanda Griffin, a simple reunion with her family members is enough to bring everyone together again just like old times. Perhaps your oldest sibling lives somewhere on the other side of your country's coast and your youngest sibling happens to live in another continent. In this case, there is definitely nothing better than holding a reunion to reunite with the fam-bam.

by Kristanto for SweetEscape in Bali
by Kristanto for SweetEscape in Bali

5. #ForEvery Civil Ceremony - Myrrh Lao To

Celebrity stylist Myrrh Lao Tao and his fiance Koko Gonzales united in love after being together for almost 11 years through a civil ceremony service held in Australia. They coincidentally tied the knot on May 17 also known as International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, which made it all the more special. No matter when, where, and with who - making a choice to stay in love forever is a moment truly worth capturing.

by Carina for SweetEscape in Melbourne

6. #ForEvery Bachelorette - Bea Alonzo

The journey to every wedding is always the most memorable phase. Bea Alonzo celebrated a “double bridal shower” for two of her high school best friends who are getting married this year and she thought there was no better gift but to capture their best times in Bali. Before the big day, they got together and spoiled each other in company. If you're reaching that stage soon, make sure to book with SweetEscape to capture your bachelorette moments with your favorite friends!

by Kaharudin for SweetEscape in Bali
by Kaharudin for SweetEscape in Bali

7. #ForEvery Birthday - Katarina Rodriguez

On her birthday, Katarina Rodriguez promised herself to make each day some sort of adventure. We caught moments of pure bliss as she celebrates with her beau in the island of the Gods. If you’re planning on ditching the big parties this year, a weekend getaway or a trip to a nearby country is definitely a great alternative.

by Krisna for SweetEscape in Bali
by Krisna for SweetEscape in Bali

8. #ForEvery Barkada Trip - Sam YG

Filipino radio and TV personality Sam YG (short for Samir Young Guy) recently went to Bangkok with his college friends. They had a photoshoot with SweetEscape and the photos were everything else but boring! It was his first time going on a trip outside of the Philippines with his college buddies and it was an awesome way to reconnect after more than 10 years of graduating.

by Bonny for SweetEscape in Bangkok
by Bonny for SweetEscape in Bangkok

9. #ForEvery Couple - Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero

Every love story has its own unique story. No love story is identical to another, and with that, every couple is different. “This 16 years relationship is all about balance, honesty, being appreciative, generous, adventurous and everything else. I have so much to say but I know we have more to discover.”, says Aubrey Miles.

If you're planning on a little trip somewhere with your special person, you no longer have to ask strangers or a random passerby to help take a picture or two of you. With SweetEscape, you'll be in professional hands to give you the best still images ever.

by Michael for SweetEscape in Tokyo

10. #ForEvery Outfit - Heart Evangelista

One of our favorite faces to shoot, Heart Evangelista was one of the attendees of Paris Fashion Week and was of course, looking as great as she would usually. She rocked the Parisian streets with her stylish looks and almost always had a handpainted purse to match. Honestly, what can’t this girl do? With her photos captured by SweetEscape, she was able to get the most out of her OOTDs moments to show off her great fashion sense.

by Alina for SweetEscape in Paris
by Max for SweetEscape in Paris

11. #ForEvery Business Event - Andi Manzano

Earlier this month, Sweet Escape had the opportunity to cover the official launch of the Play Dream Love, Andi~Olivia collection by Incy Rooms. With modern living in mind, it features a playful yet tasteful mix of children's furniture and decor that aim to inspire parents and their little ones to create spaces that celebrate the wonders of childhood.

by Charisse for SweetEscape in Makati

12. #ForEvery Fashion Week - Iza Calzado

Being a TV personality can mean a great deal of other responsibilities including the endless events to attend. Iza Calzado’s trip to Milan Fashion Week 2019 was her first time in Italy and has admitted to leaving a piece of her heart there. It was hard to choose just one photo from her photo sessions with us as she absolutely killed every shot, look, and angle!

by Irina for SweetEscape in Milan

#ForEvery Occassion, make sure to book a session with SweetEscape to capture memorable moments for you. Get your photos done within 48 hours of your session and you can download and share them right away from our mobile app directly from your devices! Book your session today and let's #MakeLifeMemorable!