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The Best Gift is The Gift of Memories
22 Sep 2017NEWS & UPDATESBY SweetEscape

If someone asks you, “ What’s the best gift you have ever received?”

Of all the gifts and presents, perhaps none come close to the significance of the gift of memories.

During all our walks of life, special occasions have often been marked with gift of all sizes, shapes and values. There are birthdays, starting from your childhood to later years, where presents are wrapped in big shiny box of pretty colorful papers and adorned with cute ribbons on top.

Then there are special occasions such as friendship celebrations, graduations, weddings or anniversaries, where gifts range from sweet to silly, big to small, pricey to priceless- all bestowed upon you from special people.

Behind each and every item that you’ve ever received, the idea of the gift lies not in the actual present itself. But rather, the effort and time the other person has spent in selecting something that you’d love.

The best gift is not measured by the price nor the function, because we all know that it’s always the thought that counts. Moreover, the true art of gift is simply in the making of memories and preserving them for many many years to come..

For that reason, SweetEscape is happy to finally launch the most perfect gift of all - A SweetEscape Gift Card!

We have seen so many of our friends and families who struggle at giving the best gift for someone they love. To mark a special life event, sometimes there are only so much things that money can buy and you want to make a more meaningful and artistic gesture to tell that you love them.

Here is how you can order your SweetEscape Gift Card : Purchase one from our website as an e-gift card Order a physical card along with a signature SweetEscape gift box - additional cost applies. ( Just imagine when your special someone opening up to find this precious present!)

Whatever the occasion is, the gift card is perfect to eternalize a special moment that is happening in someone’s life. It could be a present for both yourself and your spouse or as a big present for your parents, friends, siblings and the list goes on.

We’re sure that anyone can appreciate the thought that goes behind your choosing the SweetEscape Gift Card. This simple gift card is a way of saying “ Let’s make a memory worthy of a lifetime”, because in life, it is all that really matters.