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4 Things to Remember when Choosing Boracay as your Holiday Destination
25 Oct 2018EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

Some things do not stay as they are, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. In Boracay’s case, its temporary closure meant a better opportunity for locals and tourists alike to become more responsible settlers and visitors of the island. While many people still dream of visiting this piece of paradise, here are things to remember as you choose Boracay as your holiday destination:

1. Clean as you go

When on the island, a simple rule has to be followed: clean as you go. Though this is a basic rule to be applied anywhere you go, this one thing is an essential when visiting Boracay . You sure don’t want to get your beach selfie ruined by a pile of trashes as your background, so better not contribute to this wrongdoing.

by Kokoy for SweetEscape in Boracay

2. Rest and relax

Contrary to what it was once known for, wild parties and extreme water activities may not be allowed to take place as the island reopens this October 2018. A beautiful island such as Boracay deserves to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, if you’re down for days of pure relaxation and some me-time, then this destination’s for you.


3. Get off your gadgets

You can definitely survive a day or two in here without internet connection. Cellular data connection is good out here, but we think you’re not going to need to scroll down on your Instagram feed as you stay in this island because it’ll be a waste of time. We guess you’d rather sunbathe or take a dip in Boracay’s cool waters rather than browse on social media on such a lovely summer day.

by Kokoy for SweetEscape in Boracay

4. Make the most of your stay

Despite the changes, Boracay remains to be a stunning beach destination on its version 2.0. It still has the same (or even better!) powdery, white sand and turquoise waters that you may enjoy on your vacation here. It still has the same sunset that everyone wishes to take sight of, and it still has the same friendly and hospitable people who welcome you and cater to your needs during your stay.

As this world-class island continues to fill its visitors with awe of its natural beauty, it will never be too difficult for you to choose Boracay as your holiday destination, no matter what the occasion it may be.

by Kokoy for SweetEscape in Boracay

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