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6 Travel Essentials For Your Cebu Weekend Adventure
04 Oct 2018EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

Let's get things straight: Cebu isn't called The Queen City of the South for nothing. This charming destination located in Visayas, Philippines has been considered a consistent go-to place all-year round. With so many spots to visit, there's one thing we assure you: you will not run out of activities in here.

Aside from the basic things needed when traveling such as toiletries , wallet, IDs, hotel reservations, here are 6 travel essentials to prepare so you could have your bags ready for your Cebu trip. They may be small but hey, they might just be the deciding factor between a good trip and a really great one.

1. Sunscreen lotion or spray

Being a tropical country, the sun shines so brightly in this part of the world, even in the rainy season. Protect your skin from getting burnt by applying waterproof sunscreen so you could also be ready for island hopping tours and afternoon dips in Sumilon or Bantayan Island.

2. One-piece swimwear or bodysuit

A versatile bodysuit or one-piece swimsuit never disappoints. Pack a backless bodysuit that's stretchable and lightweight with a design or print which can match your denim shorts or culottes. It can double as a swimsuit if you're going to swim with the sardines in Moalboal or as a casual but classy outfit if you're going on a land tour around Cebu City.

3. Water bottle or tumbler

We all know that prices of food and beverages sold near tourist spots and in hotels are a little higher than the ones from convenience stores. If you're traveling on a budget, better bring with you a water bottle or tumbler to be refilled when you dine out so you can save money. It also makes you a better tourist by not patronizing single-use plastic bottles.

4. Extra cash

Aside from having enough cash for pasalubong (souvenir or take-home goods) such as dried mangoes, danggit (dried rabbitfish), peanut browas, handcrafted guitars, and lechon, you also might want to try activities which aren't on your itinerary when you visit rural towns or islands where there are no ATMs. Some tour guides also have tip boxes in their boats or vehicles where you could drop some coins, so better be ready with spare cash as a way to thank them.

5. Action cam

Cebu is also known to be a haven for adventure-seekers. If you wouldn't want your phone to get drenched when you go canyoneering to Kawasan Falls or as you swim with the whale sharks in Oslob, have an action cam ready for your adventures!

6. Powerbank

Travels should give you some time off of work, but a powerbank comes handy in case your gadgets run out of batteries! Even when you're in it for the experience, it's good to have those memories documented with a few Instagram stories or short footages from your action cam. Do not ruin a trip with a bad mood because of a drained smartphone battery!

by Maria for SweetEscape in Cebu
by Maria for SweetEscape in Cebu
by Maria for SweetEscape in Cebu
by Maria for SweetEscape in Cebu

Whether you'll be flying to Cebu for the Sinulog Festival or for a quick R&R in between work, it's always a must to be ready! It's not everyday that you'd be given the chance to visit such a beautiful destination, so make sure that you're prepared for the adventure to come your way.

And to make things even more memorable, how about having your moments taken by a professional photographer? Not all travel buddies are willing to take your photos because that seriously can ruin the moment! If you're aiming for the Instagram-worthy shots that's one for the books, let SweetEscape do the job for you. SweetEscape is an online platform that lets you book a photographer from over 400 cities in the world including Cebu, to capture your holiday memories without the hassle.

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