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Escape Summer For A Romantic Getaway To Mt. Buller
20 May 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

A quick 3 hours drive from Melbourne will take you to Mt Buller. The easy access and short driving distance clearly made this mountain one of the most accessible mountains in Australia. Even when time doesn't permit you to stay as long as you want, Mt Buller is still to visit in just one day.

Mount Buller is a sight to see, both in the summer and in the winter. During the summer, the peak holds sensational summer outdoors events from mountain biking and cycling competitions to food and wine tasting festivals. However, if you wish to escape from the heat of the summer with a special someone, Mt Buller is the place to make sweet memories in snowy alpine resorts.

This coming holiday season; avoid the mainstream roses and chocolate surprises. Instead, book a romantic accommodation to Mt Buller. Among dozens of winter outdoor activities, there are many couple activities you can do. Skiing down the snowy mountain could be a choice for the thrill seekers. While doing so, you will realize that Mt Buller offers spectacular views all around. If adrenaline rush is not really your thing, take the scenic chairlift to explore the mountainous terrain in a safe and serene manner. If fancy is the holiday you’re looking for, take the scenic helicopter flights and experience a remarkable bird eye view of the Alps.

After a day full of the outdoor, you might want to wind down as sun sets to end the day. That’s why the highest movie cinema in Australia is built in Mt Buller. It is built to rekindle lovers’ fire on such altitude.

Other than the cinema, you and your loved one can take pleasure in one of the many massage parlors and spa retreat places located in Mt Buller. Rejuvenate and relax yourself in the outdoor hot pools with an altitude so close to the heaven.

That is only a picture of activities you can do in day 1! For the next few days, take on the Australian Sled Dog tours, cross-country explorations or sit back and enjoy the events that are happening in Mt Buller. Last but not least, take great photos with one of our photographers. This season, light up your romantic winter fire with SweetEscape.