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Four Ways To Spend 12 Hours in Singapore
20 May 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

This tiny little dot in the world map is often picked as a travel destination because despite of its “smallness”, this country actually offer quite a huge experience that involves a rich mixture of adventure, sightseeing, cityscapes, and culinary indulgence. In short, it has everything you need. You’ll need a week max to be able to experience all the fun that it has in store. But, what if you only have 12 hours?

There are two alternatives in general, the first one is to take the city tour, or explore the city on your own. If you prefer the latter one, here’s a list of activities you might find enjoyable to do.

Explore The Ethnic Sites

If you are into ethnic stuff, you should visit those three places during the 12 hours you have. All three will give you a rich cultural experience plus plenty of delicious foods. While Little India and Chinatown are specifically portraying the Indian and Chinese culture, the Kampong Glam highlights the Middle Eastern heritage. Try visiting the Malay Heritage Centre, Arab Street and Sultan Mosque.

Go For An Architectural Trip

If you are into cityscapes, you should visit several famous architectural spots in Singapore. First one, you can go to The Pinnacle (the best flats in the world), go to the 50th floor after you purchase the ticket for $5SGD, and enjoy the view of Singapore from its beautiful wooden deck. If you’re a Disney freak, go to the The Sandcrawler building, the HQ of Disney and Starwars in the South East Asia). Also, make a visit to Victoria Concert Hall and you'll be mesmerised by the beautiful details.

Stroll Around The Hipster-ish Area

If you’re looking for Instagram worthy #ootd spots with your travel companions then you should stroll around Tiong Bahru, Ann Siang Hill and also the Haji Lane area. These three offers a lot of artsy buildings, concept stores, instagenic coffee shops and dessert stops, bookstores, and bakeries!

Explore Changi

If you still have a couple of hours left before your next flight, you can spend your time at Changi Airport and you'd probably never get bored. There are so many things to do and to see before your boarding time. Try Singapore’s larget slide at Changi Airport Terminal 3. The smaller one is free, while the larger one costs you like $10SGD, but you have to spend it by purchasing stuff at the airport and keep the receipts as your tickets. Another useful fact you need to know about Singapore is that If you are travelling with cabin size luggage or backpacks and you feel like leaving them to make your strolling way lighter, then you can put it at the Luggage Store Services. It’s available in every terminal and only costs $5SGD per bag.

If you are having a stopover in the city, don’t forget to have our photographer capture your every moment. Twelve hours is long enough for you to create sweet memories with your loved ones, right?