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Making The Sweetest First Singapore Grand Prix Ever
03 Sep 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

Singapore Grand Prix is the world’s only Formula 1 night race established since 2008. Usually held during the weekend, spectators are taken on a 3-day journey where daredevil drivers with their shiny race cars pit against each other while displaying their high-speed maneuvers and skills.

And that’s not all. Singapore Grand Prix is also where the party rolls in full swing where unforgettable concerts, famous musicians and celebrities and endless parties with the hippest crowd happen.

This action-packed and fun-filled event is a spectacular show that you must not miss if you happen to be in Singapore. Infact, many fly over to the Merlion city just to witness the glam and glitz of Singapore Grand Prix every year.

If this is your first Singapore GP, worry not. We have the best 6 tips you must do to get the most of the unforgettable night :

Early bird gets the worm

Just as with any other big event, it is important to be early and ready. Tickets go on sale online on the Singapore F1 Grand Prix website months prior and there is a discount for early bird special. Once you have secured your access pass, make sure you are also early to the venue. This way you can pick the best vantage point to get all the hot actions.

Pack light & commute with ease

Singapore gets humid and hot even in the evenings, so it’s best to dress comfortably. Similarly, you want to limit what you bring and downsize your belongings. It is also adviseable to bring a light rain coat and ear plugs to anticipate the loud sounds.

Additionally, to avoid the traffic you can always opt to take taxi or commute by MRT instead!

Be well informed

Equip yourself with some general Grand Prix’s information, which is usually available in the brochures and circuit map. Take some of the leaflets and study the overall situation so you know your way around better.

Make time for concerts

The Singapore Grand Prix’s concerts is another important highlight besides the race with power performances from the best musicians in the world. So spare your energy and make sure to plan well for the concerts!

Don’t miss out on extras!

If you time to spare, check out the merchandise and fun booths spread around the venue. There’s also the famous Singapore Flyer for that extra heart-pumping ride. Lastly, stay put longer and catch the magnificent fireworks to end the night.

Tone down your inner photographer

You may want to lower your expectation with your camera. Fast cars and nighttime are not exactly the best combination for the best photography results. If you still want to preserve your Grand Prix memory, bring your trusted traveling photography along to enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Enjoy the city

This tiny little dot in the world map is often picked as a travel destination because despite of its “smallness”, this country actually offer quite a huge experience that involves a rich mixture of adventure, sightseeing, cityscapes, and culinary indulgence.

by Daniel for SweetEscape in Singapore
by Hisham for SweetEscape in Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix 2017 takes place on 15 to 17 September, so don’t miss out! Check www.singaporegp.sg/ for more information. After that, don't forget to book your SweetEscape session and have our photographer capture your every moment to make your first Singapore Grand Prix experience more memorable. Book now!