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The Great Outdoors Is Greatest In Iceland
19 May 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

What do you think of when someone mentions Iceland? Most probably Northern Lights and Volcanoes with absolutely unpronounceable names like the famous Eyjafjallajokull. (Go ahead, try it, we dare you!) Iceland is well known for its beautiful, scenic and vast landscapes and this is largely in part due to the active volcanic activities in and around the island. Here are some of the mandatory things for you to check out while you’re there!

Check out the Strokkur geyser in the Geysir area where it produces an impressive column of boiling water every 15 minutes! Or witness hot water rushing down the faces of Hellisheioi mountain range and get treated to a healthy combo of natural superheated pools of water and geothermal springs just like the pride and joy of Iceland’s very own Blue Lagoon, located in Grindavik.

Head to Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in the Southeast in the biggest National Park in Europe of Vatnajökull! The picturesque and natural elements of rivers, volcanic, geothermal activities and glacial ice have come together to form an amazing landscape that truly takes your breath away. The legendary Vatnajökull glacier itself measure about 400-600 meters in thickness and rises 2000 meters above sea level, so you can only imagine the stunning grandeur of these beautiful formations.

Should you choose to hike, Helka, the country’s most famous active volcano is a brilliant choice as it provides interesting historical facts, proof of recent volcanic activities plus a stunning view of the Fjallabak mountain range and the Vatnajokull glacier.

Snaefellsjökull is arguably the country’s most beautiful mountain that allows thrill seekers to hike through the volcano summit which has inspired legendary books such as Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

And of course during the infamous and sometimes unforgiving winters of Iceland, a trip to view the life-changing Aurora Borealis or the famous Northern Lights. Researchers have said these few years seem to be good for viewing the Lights due to an active solar activity and other than Reykjavik itself (if you’re lucky on some nights) you can head to the seaside at Seltjarnarnes where you will be away from any light pollution and allows you to take in and enjoy the full experience in all its glorious splendor.

If there’s a “best time” to head to Iceland, it would be as soon as possible as the landscapes are quickly changing and also the planet’s solar activities are at an all time high. Make sure that your holiday will have the maximized potential of having the most beautiful photographs of the best experience that you will have in Iceland. SweeEscape is available in Reykjavik, so get on it!