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Top Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bali
14 Dec 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

What could be more fun than celebrating New Year’s Eve by the beach? Yes! We are talking about Bali! It’s the perfect destination for your last-minute planning to spend your New Year’s Eve.

Check out these four places where you can have a blast as you ring in the new year!


This hot new place has the best saltwater pool! If you dare, you can even jump into the pool from the diving platforms as high as 1 to 5 meters. Then when the sun goes down, the DJ will start and you are ready for the party!


If you feel like dining casually as you wait for the ball to drop, here’s a unique fine dining place that don't require you to dress up formally. This is a place where you can have a fine dining experience with a more laid back-feel. Pretty unique, isn't it? It's a must-try!


If you fancy going straight to the party, this New York style speak easy bar can be a great choice to celebrate New Year’s Eve in. They serve excellent cocktails and the vibe is definitely just as awesome!


Another restaurant that will be great for New Year’s Eve celebration is this modern yet chic woodfire restaurant. It is a private dining with great food selections. It can be that romantic dining for that wonderful night ending the 2017 with your special someone.

Those are just a few of the new hip place worth going to for this New Year’s trip. Bali has it all - the fun, the beaches, the food and the ambience. Have a great end of year and enjoy!

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