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When the Sun is Out in London
20 May 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

There are surely many reasons for you to visit the capital and most populous city of England and United Kingdom. But, there are even more reasons on why you should visit London during the summer. All the activities that we are about to recommend to you are connected by one word: Outside. Yes, literally do everything outside, because it’s the best thing to do during summer in London!

Watch A Movie or Enjoy the Music

Go to the largest auditoria in London, which is the Open Air Theatre in Reagent’s Park. This area happens to be the oldest, professional, permanent outdoor theatre in Britain that offers a range of theatre, music, and film events each year from May to September. Another option, you can visit the Southbank amphitheater during London Bridge City Summer Festival, with music, food and film screenings.

Go For Gelato

What could be nicer than enjoying the summer with a gelato feast? We’ve gathered up some of the best gelatos in London for you. First one is Scoop Gelato, which aims to give you 10 minutes of happiness. They serve super creamy gelato and would give you the real experience and taste of an Italian ice cream. Their signature flavors: Pistachio From Bronte.

Second one is Gelupo. What makes them unique is their quirky flavors like ricotta, honey and coffee, as well as avocado and honey. In addition, they often sell frozen granitas and cannoli. This has to be everyone’s go to destination! Their signature flavors: Blood Orange Sorbet & Ricotta and Sour Cherry.

Last one is Chin Chin Laboratorists. If you are always on the look for something different then Chin Chin Labs is your place! They are known as Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour. Their signature flavors: Green Grass (actually tastes like the smell of freshly cut grass).

Go Rooftop Bar Hopping

There are loads, like literally loads of rooftop bars all over London. If you’re aiming to have a rooftop romance, go visit Vista, and order their signature drink, Vista Fling. Coq d’Arqent is the go to place if you are looking for a super swanky Champagne of London. Order their signature drink, Champagne, Darling! and enjoy it under the clear blue sky of London. Or, if you want to have good drinks with the sensational views of St Paul’s Cathedral, then you should put Madison on the list.

Have A Picnic Lunch or Alfresco Dining

Take your lunch to some of London’s popular lunch spots like the St. James Park, Hyde Park, or Soho Square. As for the fine dining experience, The River Café is the it place! It has a Michelin star that goes with the Mediterranean style outdoor terrace (booking is advised). Alternatively, a fine outdoor dining can also be obtained at Coq d’Argent, which we have mentioned above.

London has so much more in store for you. Get in touch with our local photographers. More than just capturing your moments when the sun is out in this beautiful city, they can also give you insights that only the locals know.