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A Defining Moment for a Family
21 May 2017EXPERIENCEBY SweetEscape

Graduation is one of the most important moments in a student’s life as it marks a transition from one stage in her educational life to another. For Frisca as a child, graduation gives the best feelings of accomplishment for knowing that she’s made her parents proud.

“My graduation day meant so much for my family. As the last child, my graduation marked a great achievement for my parents. They have done a great job for all of us by giving the opportunity for all of their children to study at the college. All the effort, guidance, emotional and financial support over the years for all of us made everything possible.

It was one of my happiest moments of my life. I felt so grateful and blessed for having parents and siblings like them. My brother and sister made it even memorable and full of fun by bringing their own graduation gowns and caps so they could take pictures with me in the same attire, even though they actually have graduated 2 years prior. I thought they’re just trying to tease me, but then I understood that they just wanted to make our parents proud. You can see how proud our parents to see all of their three children have graduated, as for me, I am so glad to see both of them witnessed my graduation.

I couldn’t have done it without my family’s support. They have instilled the values in me, given me all the words of encouragement, and inspired me with a strong passion for learning. There is no amount of thank you that will be equivalent to the best legacy they have given me.”

-Frisca Florencia, Proud Daughter

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